Guizhou Company: In January to achieve 92 million yuan of output value is expected to achieve 350 million yuan of output value in the first quarter

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“Just went to discuss the contract details of the winning project.”At 15:08 on February 11th, In the conference room of Guizhou Big Data Industry Development Co., LTD., Li Jian, the customer manager of the government and enterprise customer Department of the company, hurried to meet the reporter.This year is The 16th year that Li Jian has worked, but it is only the second year that he joined the company.Having participated in nearly 100 projects, he is now mainly responsible for marketing and pre-sales of technology in the education industry.The project he said won the bid, is the company on January 17 this year in Qingzhen won the vocational education big data production and education integration center project.”The industry-education integration Center of big data in vocational education is a typical project to deepen school-enterprise cooperation and practice industry-education integration.”Keyboard, says companies such big data project according to the information industry development needs, set up professional training courses, optimize the scheme of higher vocational education, and through the enterprise actual production adaptation scenarios and resources into schools, promoting “induced labor enrolled, promoting the teaching” to produce work-integrated learning integration of the personnel training, implement the “edge” teaching and learning, while production of innovative teaching modes,Let the students master the skills of different positions in the production process, and provide strong teaching support for improving the employment rate of the counterpart after graduation.Going to work after the Spring Festival, Li Jian is very busy every day.”After winning the project, in order to ensure the completion of the contract within a month, not only should always communicate with the owner to sort out the needs, discuss the project planning and implementation content, but also with the company to undertake specific project departments for communication.”Li Jian said that it was the Spring Festival holiday after winning the bid, and he had other projects to follow up, so the time was extremely tight.”Not only Li Jian, but also as the ‘bridgehead’ of the company’s external business, every member of our department is very busy and is following up several projects.”Yin Guoli, general manager of the company’s government and enterprise customer department, said.”The government and enterprise client department won the bid for the project of big data integration Center of vocational education, which is just the epitome of the stable development of the ‘basic plate’ in the beginning of this year.”Yang Yunyong, general manager of the company, introduced that in January this year, the company achieved output value of 92 million yuan, an increase of 17.6% over the same period last year, and is expected to achieve output value of 350 million yuan in the first quarter.Yang Yunyong said that in the future, companies will seize the country is sent [2022] no. 2 file opportunity, relying on “a cloud network platform” form of intensive construction, general design, modular extraction and other unique advantages, and unswervingly take the marketization development road, enhance core competitiveness and the cloud of guizhou brand matrix, achieve the goal of annual output value of 2.1 billion yuan.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Zeng Shuai editor Guan Yun editor Sun Xiaorong