Beijing demolition lawyer | signed the legal limitation of demolition compensation agreement

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At present, we all know something about demolition. The government will inform the parties in advance to deal with things and take corresponding compensation measures.Because we know little about the legal limitation of signing the demolition compensation agreement, so in the Ming Zheng Yuanhang lawyer sorted out the relevant content, we come to understand it.According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code: the legal limitation of action for the house demolition compensation agreement is three years, starting from the day of delivery of the compensation agreed in the house compensation agreement.The limitation period for applying to the people’s court for the protection of civil rights is three years, if the law provides otherwise.Within the time limit of limitation of action, when the right holder knows that his rights are harmed, it shall be counted on the day.If the circumstances are special, the people’s court shall, upon the application of the right holder, decide to extend the time limit.To sum up, the law to the law is zheng Yuanhang’s answer to the question, I hope you read it carefully.If there are still questions and objections from readers, feel free to ask questions online.