Enter Jiejia Henan Cuisine headquarters Zhongyuan Consumer finance actively carry out “Senior executives into ten thousand enterprises”

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As & quot;Finance henan army “;As an important member, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance actively responds to the provincial Party Committee and provincial government.Ten thousand people help ten thousand enterprises “Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau”;Governor into the million enterprises “;The activity call, actively carry out “;Executives into thousands of enterprises “;Field visits and research activities.On April 1, Shao Hang, member of the Central Plains Consumer Finance Party General Branch and deputy general manager, went to Jiejia Henan Food general Store to carry out “.Senior executives visited thousands of enterprises, focused on the plight of catering enterprises in the current epidemic situation, and jointly discussed how to solve the actual needs of enterprises through professional financial services, and effectively promote the development and upgrading of enterprises.Li Wei, director of operation of Jiejia Henan Cuisine, and his team warmly welcomed zhongyuan Consumer Finance to visit and led a tour of the office area and stores of Jiejia Henan Cuisine.After visiting the store, the two sides had a friendly exchange.Shao Hang said that in the process of deepening the cooperation between the two sides, Zhongyuan consumer finance will actively play its functional advantages, create more distinctive, more targeted financial products, through brand linkage, consumer assistance, media operation and other means to help dry jiejia Henan cuisine store development.According to Li, Jiejia Henan Cuisine is the leading brand in henan cuisine chain, and currently has 21 stores in Zhengzhou, the largest number of henan cuisine brands.Zhongyuan Consumer Finance is currently the only licensed consumer finance company in Henan province. Both of them are enterprises with local characteristics in Henan Province. In the future, we hope that both sides can strengthen brand linkage, mutual benefit and promote development together.In addition, to understand the solution of henan cuisine kitchen, waiters and other staff are “;New citizens & quot;Financial services group, and the consumption of customers has great coincidence, they are relatively lack of financial knowledge, relatively weak ability to resist risks, in order to avoid their solvency shortages in financial traps and fraud harm by criminals, the two sides also plan to set up multi-channel popularize knowledge of finance, the subsequent joint together & quot;New citizens & quot;Group financial literacy and risk prevention awareness.All the ways of profit go with The Times.Zhongyuan Consumer Finance will resolutely implement the decisions and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and government, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Zhongyuan Bank, and implement it regularly and continuously.”Ten thousand people help Ten thousand Enterprises” and “Governor Into ten thousand Enterprises” activities empower the real economy and contribute new strength to the high-quality economic and social development of Henan province.[Photo by Liu Gaolei/chinadaily.com.cn