USA is the mastermind of cyber war!Russia has responded forcefully to continuing cyber attacks on the country since a special military operation

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry said On Tuesday that cyber attacks against the country were becoming more serious and coming from multiple directions.Russia will hold those involved in cyber attacks accountable.No one should doubt that cyber attacks on Russia will have serious consequences for their instigators and perpetrators.The source of the attack will be identified and the attacker will inevitably be held accountable for his actions.Reuters reported that the Russian statement accused the United States of leading a campaign of hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks against Russia every day.The cyber attacks on Russia come as the Russian military continues its special military operation in Ukraine.”No one should doubt that cyber attacks on Russia will have serious consequences for their instigators and perpetrators,” the English-language TASS report quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying.The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “a group of cyber mercenaries engaged in specific operations bordering on terrorism is waging war against Russia.””The unprecedented impact of these operations and their coordinated nature makes it clear that Ukrainian information and technology trained by other NATO members, in addition to the United States, influenced contingents to wage cyber war against us on a much wider scale.The scale of anonymous hackers and provocateurs who take orders from Western coordinators supporting the Kiev regime “.”In fact, we are facing a war waged by cyber mercenaries with specific combat missions, often in collusion with overt terrorism,” the statement stressed.The ministry noted that special agencies are effectively resisting cyber attacks and “giving them a strong response.””Enhancing ict security under current conditions is becoming one of the main tasks consistent with reliable guarantees of national security.Efforts to promote these initiatives will be intensified in international platforms, primarily at the United Nations.Work will continue to strengthen the legal protection of Russian individuals and legal entities against malicious cyber influence from outside, “the ministry said.In a statement reported by Reuters and Russia’s ItAR-Tass news agency, the Russian foreign Ministry promised to expose the sources of recent “cyber aggression” and hold those sources accountable.The Russian foreign Ministry statement suggested that Ukraine’s cyber forces — trained by the United States and “other NATO members” — were partly responsible for the attacks, which it described as part of a “cyber war.””According to TASS, the statement also referred to” anonymous hackers and provocateurs who take orders from Western coordinators supporting Ukraine.”It is unclear whether the use of the term “anonymous” refers to the activist group Anonymous, which has vowed to oppose Russia in cyberspace and has claimed numerous successful cyberattacks on Russian targets.According to TASS, the statement said Russia has been facing “a campaign of cyber attacks by cyber mercenaries who have specific war missions and are usually bordering on open terrorism.”Ukrainian government officials announced plans for the country’s IT army days after the Russian incursion, focusing on using distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to take Russian websites offline.An evaluation of the IT army’s work shows that the program has actually had an impact on Russia.Washington has long held Russia responsible for cyber attacks on Ukraine and other Western countries, including the United States.Ultimately, Russia became one of the biggest drivers of the U.S. cybersecurity industry.U.S. Cyber Command, which is part of the Defense Department, has also reportedly been grappling with Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine.The RSPP or Russian Union’s telecommunications and IT Committee has warned that potential Internet outages in Russia could come not from cyber attacks, but from a severe shortage of telecommunications equipment that Russian telecom companies will face as a result of Western sanctions imposed on the country.Kommersant quoted a document compiled by the committee as saying the Russian government faces an imminent risk of large-scale Internet service disruptions that could strike the country by August.”Under the current economic conditions, telecom operators’ equipment stocks will last for six months and their work failures could start as early as summer,” the document said.The root cause was the departure of Western companies and the subsequent imposition of trade sanctions during the ongoing war.This is not the committee’s only concern.The price of available equipment has already risen by 40 per cent because of limited stocks of telecommunications equipment and is expected to rise by another 80 per cent as the rouble continues to fall, the commission said.Kommersant also reported the reaction of Russian telecom, which said its communications networks in the rail transport, fuel and energy sectors would be affected.”The only way to keep the infrastructure running is to scale back all development plans and use only previously purchased equipment to maintain the stability of the network,” the commission said.Source: net idle words