Who is more urgent, the seller or the buyer

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Creation is not easy to keep focus on my headline number to sell if a year will not sell, enterprise management will meet with difficulties, sell the salesman will be nasty, enterprise capital chain requires a lot of buying the receivable, the salesman need to commission return, construction process requires a lot of money, in short enterprise have tens or hundreds of millions of people to pay.There is no home buyer’s return as a support for housing enterprises to survive more than a year on the problem.Sellers certainly want more buyers to make life easier for real estate companies.However, the high housing price has become an obstacle to the sale of commercial housing, so it is inevitable and necessary to reduce the housing price.The house can’t sell and the seller must be worried.The side effects of not buying a house or late buying a house are relatively small. Now, both men and women, the word “house slave” has been implanted in the hearts of many people. In the future, people may become more and more rational about the consumption of commercial housing, and they can also find a girlfriend without buying a house.Of course, there is still a problem of not buying a house now, and it is relatively difficult to find a girlfriend without buying a house. But people’s minds are waking up, and the later life troubles brought by borrowing to buy a house will be more and more known to everyone. After a few years, I believe that some women are definitely not willing to find a blind date with a person who backs a mortgage.Because the mortgage pressure after marriage can not be ignored, there is no fundamental difference between buying a house and buying a house, buy a house can not find a girlfriend everywhere.So buyers are not in a hurry to sell.Some people compare those who buy a house to those who buy a BMW. This comparison is not appropriate. Those who drive a BMW will not enjoy it in the way of overdraft, nor will they pretend it because of their face.If the commercial housing does not need the support of the public to buy, the commercial housing will not be publicized to the public. If the commercial housing belongs to some rich people, the ordinary people will not be persuaded to buy a house with loans.But the commodity housing with the price bubble into the mass consumer groups, this is the reality that the masses can not accept.The real buyers are the tenants, they used to use funds to hype commercial housing selling anxiety, realize the difference in the price of revenue, but with the supply of commercial housing saturation, the tenants can not stir up the price, the property of the appreciation of commercial housing has been lost, the tenants gradually withdraw from the commercial housing market, the rich are also selling redundant houses.Commercial housing has lost its status among the rich and is reluctant to give up its lofty price when it comes to the masses.Therefore, the real estate industry uses some people to publicize selling anxiety, but also to cooperate with intermediaries to fight public opinion war on the Internet.No matter how people do not buy a house will not be thrown into the street, but housing enterprises do not sell the house there will be a crisis, commodity housing buyers and sellers who are more anxious at a glance, the price of falling and not falling also have the answer.The most important thing is that we can be rational in the pursuit of commercial housing, which is the key to the problem, the more the high plate, the more the seller’s confidence.So you can’t be fooled by some illusion.