Five congenital emperor of heaven, east Huang too a dozen but twelve ancestral sorcery, Hongjun Lao Zu’s strength at the bottom

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Read the list of gods and goddesses readers know, in the book mentioned a type of immortals, they can create the world, also can destroy the universe, and even have invulnerable king Kong is not bad body, this kind of immortals are legendary congenital saints.The so-called congenital saints, one theory holds that they were born before the creation of heaven and earth, practicing the divine in the chaotic universe.Another view is that the congenital sage is cut three corpses into a saint, cultivation into a mixed yuan Daluo jinxian, with immortal repair.Anyway, from the time of pangu’s creation, we can be divided into the innate stage and the acquired stage.Before heaven and earth appeared, the universe was still a mass of vitality, which was called chaos universe.There are all kinds of creatures in the chaotic universe, and people call these creatures congenital deities.Pangu, the creator of heaven and earth, was one of the many congenital deities. Later, he took up the magic weapon in his hands, opened up Hongmeng and created all things in the world.Before the appearance of heaven and earth, there were five heavenly emperors in the chaotic universe. They were all congenital saints.After carefully reading the list and combining with some mythological books, we can find these five heavenly emperors. They are Pangu, Dijun, Jade Emperor, East Emperor Taiyi and Hongjun.After the creation of the universe and the earth, Pangu spent his whole life practicing, and his whole life turned into chaos.The east emperor tai Yi in the lich war, beat the twelve ancestral sorcerer, fell in the east coast.Jade Emperor is one of the earliest emperor of heaven, is also the first immortal appeared between heaven and earth, many books called the Jade Emperor founder Yuan Ling, think he is the beginning of everything.Remember the Buddha tathagata once said, “The Jade Emperor began to practice before the emergence of heaven and earth, experienced more than 1,000 days of time, each day of time has 129,600 years, and finally became the master of heaven and earth.”From this point of view, the Jade Emperor should be the most powerful one.Pangu, the creator of heaven and earth, was just one of the gods of the Jade Emperor, whose life span was insignificant in the jade Emperor’s long river of time.After pangu opened up hongmeng, he spent his whole life repairing, and the most life returning to chaos.Later, Pangu’s body changed into all things in the world, and the yuan God changed into three immortals, namely, Taishang Lao Jun, Yuan Shi Tian Zun and Tong Tian Jiao Zhu.In the array of immortals that time, Hongjun old zu appeared once, to stop the master to rebuild the universe plan.From the content of the book, Hongjun is a god from the sky, in the Purple Palace of cultivation.I remember that the book said “Pangu tai Chi, a vaporized Hongjun.”From here we can know that Hongjun Lao Zu is an immortal created by Pangu and is the yuan god of heaven and earth in the book.In front of the chaotic universe is a group of vitality, said in the list of canonization “gasification of hongjun”, from here we can know that the predecessor of Hongjun Lao Zu is chaotic universe.Pangu opened up hongmeng and created all things in heaven and earth, so there was Hongjun Lao Zu, or hongjun Lao Zu appeared at the same time with heaven and earth.Although Hongjun Lao Zu is the yuan god of heaven and earth, but in the list of congenital saints, they have the ability to destroy everything in heaven and earth, indicating that Hongjun Lao Zu in the book strength, is at the bottom.The East Emperor Taiyi was a close friend of Pangu. In the chaotic universe, The East Emperor Taiyi once took the magic weapon in his hands and helped Pangu defeat three thousand demons.In ancient times, East Emperor Taiyi founded the ancient Tianting and became the first emperor of the ancient Tianting.East emperor too a magic weapon called east emperor bell, known as the first of ten artifacts, which has destroyed the red lotus industry fire.After a period of time, the yuanshen of three thousand deities morphed into twelve ancestral sorcerers. At this time, Pangu was already in chaos.Later, the Twelve patriarchs went to the ancient Heaven and fought the East Emperor Taiyi. Without pangu’s alliance, the East Emperor Taiyi could not defeat the twelve patriarchs and was defeated by the twelve patriarchs.As a congenital god, the strength of the east emperor too one is not weak, in the fall before also seriously injured twelve ancestors wizard.After the fall of the East Emperor Taiyi, Emperor Jun appeared, he defeated the twelve patriarchs, took over the east Emperor Taiyi’s ancient heaven, the establishment of a new heaven.Although Emperor Jun is the practice of a congenital saint, but his magic weapon is more powerful, enough to destroy a congenital saint.Legend has it that Emperor Jun has ten jin Wu, as well as the well-known Jin Wu big array, more than the god of the devil.He is one of the ten golden aconite.According to the contents of the book, lu Pressure Taoist people do not worship the Queen Mother, nor do they worship The Hongjun patriarchs.Zhao Gongming was a half-step saint who beheaded three corpses and sanctified them, only to be defeated by the Land Oppressors in one move.Later in the celestial circle that time, the land pressure Taoist from the sky, even the Lord of Heaven can not catch his hand.