Three new hires that older employees find most annoying

2022-06-14 0 By

Old employees are most disgusted by these three new people: first, lazy people, just come to do not love to work, did not show diligent progress, such new employees generally will not be very good development.New employees just entered the workplace, in fact, everyone is observing you, your every move is seen in the eyes of old employees, we like the most diligent people.Two, the pushy new employee with the wrong idea.No understanding of workflow, no experience, no track record and a bunch of opinions: neither good nor bad.Older employees will look down their noses at a newcomer like this, thinking you don’t know the rules, big or small.Three, love to inquire about a leader’s new employees in public.Especially when you don’t understand the personnel relationship, if you ask about a certain leader loudly in public, people will be very embarrassed and tired. It is not appropriate to answer you, or not to answer you, because there may be people close to the leader around you.In a word, there is a lot to learn as a new employee. If you focus on studying and working hard, you will become an excellent employee in the future.