Beijing property market: why do rich people keep buying this kind of property

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Beijing Real Estate Association has more than 10 years of practical experience in the real estate market, has provided investment purchase advice for more than 11,000 families, Beijing is rarely from the macro market into the micro market of every transaction link of the actual experts;Accumulated field survey community more than 10000, more than 1500 trading experience;Help people struggling in the imperial capital to buy a high-quality house, take the bonus of the city’s economic growth, get a certain return!Beijing outperform the market of the house is not more than 20% of our selection ahead of the market concern public number | Beijing Housing will enter the knowledge planet can be asked Q: Question: Hello Beijing, thank you for sharing!Residence permit after the Spring Festival is expected to come down, my plan is to be officially joined the checking team over the years, I now can raise what ZJ had probably calculated that down to 270, force does not exceed 300, belong to STSD, today to join the member want to learn in advance, also want to ask next total, I think we choose plate logic is a fraction of the houses on the market, just like what you say,The houses in Beijing outperform the market by no more than 20%, like these houses, are not more expensive, according to my current amount of capital, is this kind of house to choose, or more potential houses?Which kind of house is easier SZ?I am to buy from live, but also hope that the house can SZ outperform the market, thank Beijing general A: reply: Hello, thank you for trust!Whether the investment to buy a house to make money, does not depend on the size of the amount of capital, but to see the right or wrong judgment.Ordinary people can get rich by being right, and rich people can get back to where they started by being wrong.The rich have been able to protect their wealth and grow steadily because they have been right.Poor people have been poor because they have been wrong, do not know how to summarize, and lack the ability to correct mistakes in time.The gap between rich and poor is the result of wrong investments.Why do professional buyers continue to make money investing in real estate?All investors have to figure out this logic, and the average investor doesn’t even think about it.But this issue is very important, involving us ordinary investors can have a correct investment logic, make an accurate judgment of the general trend!Investment in real estate should have a basic understanding: investment is not DB, investment is riding the economic growth of the city, so as to get a certain return.Investment in real estate includes the growth of industries and the economic growth of cities. Investment in real estate means holding shares in such cities and directly occupying the resources of the city, such as employment, education, medical care, education and transportation, which are called supporting facilities.That’s when the big trends and your location become important.The rise depends on the selection of funds, and money depends on leverage.The rich have been insisting on buying high-quality property, because in the long run, quality property in the core location is increasingly scarce in today’s Beijing real estate market, the price has been rising, the increase of money supply is the main reason, as well as economic growth, credit, supply and demand.Choosing the right location is equal to 70% success. At the beginning of real estate investment, the most important things to do are:First buy wrong, don’t trample pit second carefully selected raise, to maximize the effect to make money, third, give up higher-yielding investments, choose low yields a more robust way, as long as there is increase, will have the opportunity to suggest that builds a read back planet core logic and principle, the Beijing real estate investment “and” Beijing property market value are desertification “these two articles, I wish everything goes well!Q: question;Jing General, I have Beijing registered permanent residence and the first set of first loan qualification, 1.5 million down payment to buy Tongzhou Yuzhou Langting Bay, this plate can meet the needs of value preservation and appreciation A: Answer;Hello, thank you for trust, Yuzhou Langting Bay real estate advantage is good,90 square can be made into three rooms chaoyang, but the location of the real estate is a little far, followed by a life terminal.The advantages of self-living are relatively large, if the investment is not the best choice.Suggestions in the core area of Wuyi Garden business circle, or Wanda selection, these two places are currently tongzhou relatively high resilience of the region, value preservation and appreciation is relatively stable.The suggestion reads the article that the planet places top seriously “tongzhou outperforms the market to choose to raise guide chart” wish everything goes well!Q: Question: Mr. Jing, how do you do?I’m looking forward to your reply.1. I am a pure white, with a first loan for the first apartment and a down payment of about 200 yuan. I work near Sanlitun, buy a house, invest and live by myself for a short time.Is there a large space for preserving and increasing value?Thank you,2. If you do not consider the case of self-occupancy, is it worth investing in a quality community?Do you have any recommended areas and properties? Thank you very much.A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!1, you work near Sanlitun, Chaoqing belongs to a more appropriate area, these two plates outperform the market is not a problem, Chenguang Home and Xuan Te Jia Yuan belong to shifoying plate board.Including the morning home A heat is higher, the market trading is more active, but not the morning home large area B (see below), and dazzle of jre issue or more handsome, under the condition of the plate in the money allowed near may choose quality of new residential properties of high quality building dish, the green belongs to undertake chaoyang international trade in southeast area of the superior quality and just need to improve the plate,There is no shortage of purchasing power, and the competitiveness in the market is relatively advantageous. The result is that the quality property of this plate is always in the leading state.2, if you do not consider the case of self-occupancy is worth investing, from the characteristics of the buying group in Beijing, most of the customers who buy a one-bedroom are just need customers, this part of the customer group is characterized by a wait-and-see mood is obvious, the property market must be hot to have a good increase,Core areas the quality of the studio is worth the investment of online analysis of Beijing’s bedroom is not worth buying, this idea is too absolute, ignore the problems of the investment cycle, but two bedrooms clinch a deal in the market of baby, clinch a deal the data may reach 52% in 2021, 10000 units per month in Beijing, has 5200 sets of is a 2 bedroom, so I likeIf can buy the circumstance that lives 2 as far as possible to go up diligently toward 2, the open room investment of core section also can, the proposal reads the elite article that the planet buys top seriously “Beijing house property invests core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem to ask to me again!Q: Question: Hello, President Jing.Would like to ask about shijingshan Zhonghai world talent views, from the use.In addition, the real estate price of the future trend of the general direction, can help predict.A: answer:Hello, thank you for trust, China shipping talent advantage is is one of the quality of high quality plate in the shijingshan, family is very good also, basic no flaws, this dish in the whole area has a certain future scarcity, the live is very good, from an investment perspective, shijingshan since the only shougang moving the whole area is lack of industry support, appear very cold and cheerless,The result is the lack of industry, which leads to relatively weak purchasing power of the whole region. The support of housing price lies in the main overflow area of Haidian district and Xicheng District.Although Shijingshan is to high-end industry transformation, but because fengtai added a Lize, so the high-tech industry will be absorbed by Lize;If the industrial transformation fails in the future, the final positioning may be similar to mentougou.China shipping the price of the plate is not cheap, short-term there is a certain premium to shijingshan volume of more than one business circle is LuGu, LuGu volume big reason is that in the eastern gate of shijingshan, close to the haidian, may give preference to undertake wl and haidian just need to purchase group, the whole business circle supporting relatively mature, LuGu has been withheld by the customers to the area in the west of the shijingshan volumeThe largest 2 real estate, ocean landscape, Jinghan Xu City;Ocean landscape currently sold in average price is 68000 square meters, hankou-beijing xu city sold in average price is 64000 square meters, LuGu business circle quality building ocean seeps landscape in the average price is 91000 square meters, the future of China shipping the whole world market is mainly from haidian and xicheng, if have a customers don’t accept ocean seeps and price and the quality of the ocean landscape, butCan sacrifice distance to select secondary quality discs.So this dish has a certain talent market competitive advantage, but short-term premium, prices may not be very good, the market is to buy, purchase price and ask price is the price of buying developers sell our price, in the true sense battle is the secondary market, that is to say if we really put the house in the secondary market for sale, what is the price of the first sell,The second transaction cycle to how long, suitable for long-term investment long hold, after all, the quality of the real estate is good, the possibility of short-term guard is relatively large, it is recommended to read the planet top article “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” I wish all the best, there are questions can be consulted to me Q: question;Hello, Jing General Manager, do you think the potential of Yizhuang is greater than lize, or the premium of Lize is too high?Compared with Haizi Mansion and jinyu East county, fengtai science and technology park prospects?A: answer;Hello, thanks for your trust!Lize premium is more serious than yizhuang, the main reason is that Lize made more than ten years to take shape, the past set of many people, the previous several rounds of investors and collective buying, leading to the current price of some quality real estate is relatively high.If lize fall to the ground will wash the foam, if the development can not fall to the ground, there is a bubble.The good news in the future is that enterprises fully move in + market.The quality plate of the corresponding Caoqiao and Yuquanying will have an increase. The price of the science park is too high, the advantages are new, and the quality plate is piled up, but it already belongs to the commuting plate.E-town has the advantage of industrial structure to compare the quality, as well if it is partial to improve I recommend hexi south plot, this position just pressure on the south axis, after construction can limit density and plot ratio, suit to improve group, there are a logical is each round of Beijing market is full of displacement to improve basic groups pushing prices higher, hedong has the advantage of the subway, form a complete set is good,But the density is too high, and the improved population will slowly be displaced to hexi.Advice seriously reading star set-top core logic and principle, the Beijing real estate investment “wish everything goes well, there is a problem to ask questions, the above questions from the public, | han shu will focus on the public number han shu will enter the” planet “knowledge for questioning, craigslist