Allusion: Huai Zhao

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Allusion: Huai Zhao related figures: Lian Po “Shiji” volume 81 “Lian Po Lin Xiangru Biography” Lian Po lived in liang for a long time, Wei could not be trusted.Zhao to a number trapped in the Qin army, Zhao Wang Si fu Lian Po, Lian Po also think for zhao.The king of Zhao made the emissary see whether lian Po could be used.The enemy of Lian Po Guo open more and the messenger gold, to destroy it.Zhao envoys saw Lian Po, lian Po is one of the rice bucket rice, meat ten jin, armor mounted horse, to show that it can be used.The zhao envoy told the king, “Although General Lian is old and still good at food, he has just decided to sit down with me and have lost his arrow.”The king of Zhao thought he was old and did not call.When Chu heard that Lian Po was in Wei, Yin invited people to welcome him.Lian Po, a general of the State of Chu, said in vain, “I want to enlist the people of Zhao.”Lian Po died in Shouchun.During the period of mourning for king Xiang of the State of Zhao in the Warring States Period (475-221BC), Lian Po lost his will and went to The state of Wei and then to the state of Chu. When he lived abroad, seeing the decline of zhao, he missed his country very much.After use as xu think huai country of the code.Author poem Liu Zongyuan gu soil although huai zhao, know day and fear kuang.This with lian Po huai Zhao than hong Agricultural gong Yang by always miss Chang ‘an.