Zhang Guocai presided over the promotion meeting of special action on dust control

2022-06-13 0 By

Today yongzhou news (Blue Mountain special reporter Li Yiming) On the afternoon of March 13, The Standing Committee of The Blue Mountain County Committee, Executive Deputy County Magistrate Zhang Guocai presided over the 2022 Blue Mountain County dust control special action work promotion meeting.Major leaders of blue Mountain Branch of Municipal Ecological environment Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau and other units attended the meeting.At the meeting, the Blue Mountain branch of the Municipal Ecological environment Bureau reported the problems found in dust control work of various sectors during the surprise inspection of “Sibuliangzhi” on the morning of March 13, and reported the current tasks of dust control work in Lanshan County.Zhang Guocai on the dust pollution control special action to arrange deployment, he asked, county departments to recognize the situation, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen responsibility, make persistent efforts to ensure the completion of responsibility goals;In view of the recent problems in dust control work, we should draw inferences and refine measures to ensure the strict implementation of dust control;County ecological environment bureau and dust control office to strengthen daily supervision, increase inspection efforts, dust control work deployment is not in place, responsibility is not clear, effective measures of units and individuals, warning interviews, serious accountability.