Chengdu version of “small Xizhou”, scenery beauty more suitable for taking photos, metro and bus can be direct

2022-06-13 0 By

Xizhou, Yunnan province, is a place that many travel lovers are not unfamiliar with, but due to some current reasons, this year is not able to achieve the beautiful scenery of Yunnan Xizhou spring.If you can’t travel far, you can clock in and take photos at Chengdu’s version of Xiaoxizhou wheat field, which charges no entrance fee and has few beauties on weekdays.This is the closest wheat field to downtown Chengdu, and it is also a place that has been punched by many photography enthusiasts.As far as the eye could see, the wheat fields were green, and the whole area was green, perfect for taking pictures.In the green wheat fields, but also reserved a few crisscross walking paths, which is convenient for pedestrians, but also convenient for visitors and wheat photos.Walking on the path among the wheat fields, you can see the endless green wheat fields, the blue sky and white clouds above, and the occasional airplane passing by. All the landscapes are blended together to look like scenes from cartoons.The photographer’s favorite in this wheat field is a tree in the wheat field, which has been dubbed by many netizens as the loneliest tree.Looking at the vast green wheat field, a lone tree stands in the middle of it, which is very artistic from a distance. It not only takes good photos but also adds a sense of hierarchy to the wheat field.Meihu Road, the wheat field here is the best time to watch, no matter what kind of weather here is more suitable for taking photos, especially for taking: scenery, portrait, mood photos.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the love of wheat seedlings during the play, some time ago there were visitors uncivilized view, random trampling, local villagers appeared to charge 30 yuan a person.