5 working days shortened to the fastest half an hour Chengdu Jintang held the enterprise establishment registration, enterprise change on the “whole process experience” activities

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To continue to promote business environment construction, recently, jintang county bureau of administrative examination and approval to carry out the enterprise establishment registration, registration of change “whole process experience” activity, accompanied by two business environment observers to participate in the whole process of enterprise establishment, alteration registration, awareness in the process, processing time, cost, ease of work experience.On the same day, the two observers first experienced the business registration process.The reporter sees, deal with the scene no enterprise handle affairs personnel participation, enterprise by sichuan provincial government affairs service via “the window” service platform online registration account, upload the related materials to enterprise registration, business registration and are free to check the seal pieces, tax claim invoice, social security staff ginseng, bank accounts, the accumulation fund capture puts every link of starting a business, such as business,The system automatically generates articles of association and resolutions of shareholders’ meeting. After all shareholders sign online and submit applications through real-name authentication, the background staff of Jintang County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau examines and approves the application. The business license is printed immediately, and the enterprise registration is completed and the business license is issued at the fastest speed of 30 minutes.According to the site staff, if the enterprise personnel not to the scene, but also directly on the online platform to check the mailing options, truly achieve “zero errand do not meet” card.Later, the two observers also watched the whole process of enterprise change registration.Enterprise by sichuan provincial government affairs service via “a window” online service platform login to your account and upload changes of enterprise legal person registration related materials, all the shareholders through the real-name authentication online signature file, and return the business license (deputy), county administrative staff approval department for examination and approval of the background, and print the latest business license immediately.It is reported that in recent years, Jintang County Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval through the establishment of enterprises to “whole network do” “never run” as the direction, according to the standard of “one thing” series and parallel “enterprise establishment registration, seal engraving, applying for invoices, social security registration, bank account reservation, enterprise deposit provident fund account registration” six links into one link.Promote “reduced link, materials, and time reduction, cost reduction, superior service”, to reach the company opened “LingZhao 2 hours, 4 hours a day,” normalized building enterprise set up “0130” (0 1 link cost 30 minutes) for examination and approval of a minimalist model, to soften the students of the enterprise, further stimulate the market main body vitality and development momentum,It has greatly improved the sense of experience and gain of the people who handle affairs.At the same time, it provides enterprises with offline self-service seal declaration service, certificate delivery service, business license self-service printing service, tax receipt self-service service, relying on “Business” “Rong Yi Ban” and other platforms, smooth online and offline processing channels, to achieve “no meeting” processing.According to relevant procedures, Jintang county has selected business environment observers from deputies to the County people’s Congress, members of the County CPPCC, enterprises and public institutions, social organizations, front-line representatives and grassroots people. They are all influential and representative figures from different industries, and have issued letters of appointment for business environment observers.The two observers were zhu Yantao, president of the Jintang County Social Workers’ Association and chairman of Sichuan Xinyaxuan Food Co., LTD.The whole process experience activity further narrowed the distance between the administrative authorities and the masses, and the observers also provided valuable suggestions for the optimization of enterprise establishment and alteration registration.”We hope that government departments will continue to improve and promote the development of relevant activities, strengthen the close cooperation of various departments and links, and jointly promote the development of Jintang.”One of the observers of the experience activity sichuan Xinya Xuan food Co., LTD., director of safety and environmental protection Li Xing told reporters.(Photo and text by Yuan Ziyu, Jintang Rong Media Center)