Tour anji white tea origin, and Versailles C5 X taste the beauty of mountain luxury

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Shape straight slightly flat, such as orchid loh, green color, pekoe exposure;The leaves and buds are like gold inlaid sheaths, wrapped with silver arrows.Leaf bottom light green bright, buds and leaves are discernible;After brewing, the fragrance is high and lasting, and the taste is fresh and cool;After drinking, lips and teeth stay sweet, sweet aftertaste and sheng Jin.For those who like to drink tea, it must be known that this is the famous Anji white tea.As modern in anji, zhejiang was accidentally found fresh tea class, this is a class of anji white tea, green tea green tea drinking no bitterness, not only is particularly tasty, and the tea is also rich in human body needs 18 kinds of amino acids, amino acid content in 5-10.6%, 3-4 times higher than ordinary green tea, again because of its fewer polyphenols elements due to the blade efflorescence,Hence the name Anji white tea!There is no doubt that in Zhejiang, where famous tea is everywhere, anji white tea with the highest score won a class of famous tea award, its status in the tea can be described as extremely noble, if the current popular network language to describe, that is very Versailles!As luck would have it, today we are driving another Versailles player, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X Year of the Tiger, to the origin of Anji white tea and start the journey of tasting tea and enjoying the luxurious beauty of the mountains!The beauty of Versailles has “lucid waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver” said Anji, in its eight hundred miles between bamboo mountains, there is such a strong sense of design characteristics of the hotel — containing cloud mountain luxury, this is today’s destination.Is the so-called did not see the person first smell its name, only from the hotel name, I believe that many people have smelled the smell of Versailles!The truth also is so, when we are driving after Versailles C5 X to contain yunshan luxury, even before you have checked the hotel information, a line of people also moment was the unique style of yunshan luxury to jing, its use is extracted from the concept of traditional origami geometry line extended by the irregular shape,Paired with the same white film as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, it looks like you are in a Martian base in a science fiction movie, and the Versailles atmosphere is simply out of this world.When everyone was ready to clock in and take photos, we suddenly noticed that our car parked at the gate of the hotel — Versailles C5 X, was as perfect as “rover” into the “Mars base”!At a glance, the most eye-catching design of Versailles C5 X is the “X” type LED daytime running light, which represents the modern, technological and trend. With the bold and innovative split LED headlight, through chrome decoration and the car logo, the shuttle streamer front face shape with a running style, just like the folding geometric line shape with mountains and clouds.It also forms an extremely recognizable and unique “X” type light and shadow streamline, which makes people look unforgettable.Looking back along the extended shuttle streamline, thanks to the short suspension design with lower center of gravity and the suspended two-tail coupe rear which can optimize the tail aerodynamics, not only makes the body lines more light and dynamic visual effect, but also brings the wind drag coefficient of 0.287, comparable to that of sports cars.And the tail of the vehicle with the same face to form the “X” type of echo all LED taillights, cooperate on active air intake aluminum rim 19 inch double color diamond cutting and bilateral single chrome exhaust pipe of the trapezoid style, even if the Versailles C5 X at the gate of the hotel is static, also can let a person think of vehicles running in the attitude of streamline and sense of speed.When entering the car, both the driver and the passenger will feel the light is very bright, thanks to the body glass of up to 4.04 square meters and the floating luxury panoramic skylight of 0.37 square meters outside, which makes the car have a 360 degree surround transparent experience similar to the cockpit of a fighter plane.Trust in the whole system with Chevron seat stitching 6 to electric adjust seat, staring at the front suspension 12 inches color high definition touch screen and D form the car steering wheel, and yu guangzhong area soft plaque plate, laser engraving wood grain, and interior details of the new air conditioning knob rope texture and delicate chrome trim edge,The overall display of high-end exquisite sense, people can not help but gently hand touch.At this moment, the extraordinary temperament of Versailles C5 X is just like the unique white leaf of Anji white tea in the tea set off by the luxurious dreamlike shape of Yunshan mountain, which makes consumers who have aesthetic fatigue in the automobile market shine at the moment.Have to say, in the market can SUV and station wagon from inside and outside are integrated into such a perfect product, but also known as the industry design ceiling of the French car to personally handle the knife, and has a high level of appearance Versailles C5 X also once again proved this conclusion!With the continuous light rain in the winter, the people take back their eyes, and open the electric tail door that can be opened and closed with footsteps induction, and carry luggage from the car to contain yunshan Luxury.In fact, before the departure, I was worried about the space of the Versailles C5X for five people and filming equipment and daily necessities.However, it has been proved that the 1865mm wide body and 2785mm ultra-long wheelbase of Versailles C5 X, which draws on the loading advantages of station wagons, not only provide comfortable seating space for three people in the back row, but also accommodate the capacity of two 28-inch + one 26-inch + one 24-inch trunks at the same time, and also meet the requirements for loading large equipment.In one fell swoop to break the slip back models to leave a person’s impression of space shrinkage, Versailles C5 X accidentally and in space performance Versailles!The winding roads in and out of the mountains are very difficult to drive, which not only tests the driver’s concentration and driving skills, but also highlights the performance of a car in comfort, intelligence and control performance.As a driver, I am very confident in my driving skills, but in order to arrive at the destination safely and easily, I still turn on the L2.5 C-Pilot auxiliary driving system on The Versailles C5 X before setting off. Many people will have some questions when they see this: Can the intelligent auxiliary driving system work on mountain roads?To know that Versailles C5 X is equipped with the L2.5 level C-Pilot intelligent driving assistance system at the same level. Relying on the multi-function camera +3 millimeter wave radar, the ACC adaptive cruise start and stop of the vehicle can meet the automatic stop and start of the road in the full speed domain.Combined with automatic emergency braking system, lane positioning assist, lane change assist, rear traffic crossing prompt, 360-degree panoramic parking video and other functions, my brain was highly strained,By projecting the warning information in the 3D color eHUD head-up display within 4.5m of the road ahead in dongfeng Citroen’s newly upgraded C-Connect 3.0 intelligent network system, the vehicle’s moving track and the surrounding environment in the static state can be realized in real time.Especially in the tea field of large Angle of the spiral and continuous downhill, Versailles C5 X L2.5 C-Pilot assistance system can catch up with me before I make a judgment of road conditions, ahead of the emergency braking and warning tips, let me experience the unprecedented sense of security and ease when running on the mountain.With such reliable intelligent driver assistance, I relaxed and began testing the Versailles C5 X’s performance limits.Based on its price of 143,700 to 186,700 yuan, I believe that many people would not believe that a medium-sized car under 200,000 yuan can have such smooth, comfortable and extremely tough driving performance.As we all know, fast dynamic response is extremely important for mountain running, and the upgraded version of 360THP turbocharged engine with dual-channel turbocharger carried by Versailles C5 X can effectively avoid exhaust interference and improve low-speed torque performance, and significantly reduce the phenomenon of turbocharging lag, making turbocharging more active.It can output a maximum power of 129kW and a peak torque of 250N·m at 1750 RPM. Combined with the e-toggle electronic shift technology of Aixin 8-speed manual automatic transmission with a response speed up to 225 milliseconds, the power explosion whenever you step on it can be said to be a fish in water when you shuttle in the tea field.But that’s not all. Just as we talked about how to drink tea correctly in the beginning, the handling performance of a car is not entirely determined by power, but also by the chassis system, which is more important.I believe that those who know cars know Citroen’s brilliant performance in WRC World Rally championship, and Versailles C5 X with champion descent inherits Citroen’s original MCS master chassis adjustment technology, through the PHC adaptive hydraulic stability technology used in WRC cars, enhanced Macpherson front suspension, etc.To accurately control the vibration frequency of the body between 1.05Hz and 1.2Hz, so as to achieve the perfect integration of dynamic safety and driving comfort of the vehicle under various driving conditions, and establish a high quality reputation of “long distance is not tired, winnowing road is not bumpy, bend is not floating”.As a professional who has driven too many cars, I was driving the Versailles C5 X on the winding road. The strong power of fast response and the comfort and toughness brought by the inheritance of WRC champion chassis technology even gave people confidence to refuel when taking corners. It is no exaggeration to say that the driving control performance of this car.It is comparable to the 300,000-400,000-class performance models pursued by young people.However, those pure performance car can not be carried by Versailles C5 X these convenient practical intelligent configuration, when it comes to here is really the car as its name ah, Versailles C5 X is always unknowingly revealed to let people greedy Versailles breath!Conclusion: After a one-day journey experience in the origin of Anji white tea, this b-class model of joint venture, with a starting price of 143,700 yuan, has conquered us with its all-round performance and ultra-high cost performance.There is no doubt that, just like agee White tea in the proud status of green tea, at this price, this level, I believe that it is difficult to find a second car than Versailles C5 X with a higher level of appearance, more space, more intelligent configuration, vehicle performance and driving performance stronger?I think, this is also the courage of Citroen to “Versailles C5 X” after the “Versailles” name!