EDG’s official blog apologizes for being broken by WBG!Miller praised TheShy

2022-06-07 0 By

On February 15th, Beijing time, LPL yuanxiao War officially kicked off, EDG and WBG ushered in a strong battle!Both teams are on a winning streak and have been hot lately.WBG beat EDG 2-0 after two sets to win their fifth straight game, while EDG suffered their first defeat of the season.In the early stage of Game 1, both sides constantly broke out in small group battles, but the economy never opened up. EDG took two small dragons in a row and had a slight advantage.17 minutes EDG invasion was found in the wild area, Meiko Kalma was the first to be second, WBG took advantage of the situation to play one for four, Angel Ruiz got three kills.Then ON seized EZ in the middle and successfully killed him with his teammates. Dazhao’s support card was accidentally killed. WBG turned around and took down Dalong.With the Dragon buff, WBG destroyed EDG’s middle Highlands, leading the economy by 7K.In 31 minutes, WBG made a big push again, EDG arrived in time, but Viper’s EZ was seconds, WBG played zero for four, a wave dismantled the main fort and won the first game!Game 2 early Sofm frequently targeted the road, allowing TheShy Gwen to develop very well.But EDG dominated the bottom half with three dragons in a row.22 mins WBG huddle in the middle push, kill EDG ueno and tear down a tower in the middle.After the first wave, WBG again stormed the middle road, knocking down the second tower of the middle road after one wave, one change and three.28 minutes WBG directly win the dragon, the economy leads 6K.With the Dragon buff, WBG from the road to the EDG highlands, after killing multiple, finish the game in one wave!This game WBG’s overall play is better, two consecutive sets have been dominant.EDG, on the other hand, was in a bit of a slump, especially on the singlegun, which was almost blown up by TheShy.EDG’s official blog immediately apologized to fans after the game, saying that they would adjust as soon as possible and show a better mental outlook to everyone in the following matches.Fans were not impressed, however, as the two losses were ugly and it was EDG’s first loss of the season.Some fans said BP is too loaded, superstitious EZ, Kalma;There are also fans outspoken in the wild state is not good, on the single gun brother suggested rotation!After the game, LPL’s commentators also talked about the big fight. Miller also gave high praise to TheShy’s performance and praised the value of Han Yi-shear. WBG is really strong without program effects!Indeed, EDG was overwhelmed by WBG in all aspects of the game.In addition to the road down Viper and Meiko play normal, the other three EDG were WBG.So what do you have to say about WBG’s first loss of the season to EDG?