Grew nodule, polyp, cyst, lipoma to do?The old Chinese doctor reveals the secrets for you

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Nodules, cysts, growths, lipomas, they’re all just pathological products of liver qi stasis at different locations.Liver qi stagnation – – cross and reverse invasion of the spleen, the spleen is not healthy transport – – phlegm turbidities endogenous – spittoon mutual knot, circulation and travel – accumulation into tumors.A big idea of traditional Chinese medicine to regulate these parcels is to regulate qi. As long as the mass of gas in the body runs open, all the stagnation can be dispersed.So, is there such a one-size-fits-all approach?There is a very subtle way to share with you, “sixteen liquid drinks”.We hear the name “16 flavour flowing gas drink”, know is to use 16 flavour medicine to circulate gas, here is mostly line gas medicine, of course not to say to disperse this mass of evil spirit together can, just the first step.The trick is to keep them in order, going up, going down, going out, going in, going in, going in, going in.”Protagonist” is green skin, green skin broken gas, ancient books said green skin specializing in qi stagnation, visible, green skin power is very strong.After they are broken up, they can be straightened out.Followed by magnolia officinalis, fructus aurantii, areca nut, Su Stem gas down.Fructus aurantii is responsible for the chest and rib down, hopu is responsible for the stomach down, areca is responsible for the gastrointestinal tract down.Su Terrier, from the throat to the esophagus, and then to the spleen and stomach, this area is under its management.With the coordination of these four flavors, from the throat to the chest and ribs, to the spleen and stomach, and then to the abdomen, all the suppressed anger has a way out.The picture comes from the network and platycodon grandiflorum, platycodon grandiflorum has the nature of lifting, you can lift the qing qi to rise, up.Also added wood, black medicine, can straighten out the whole qi machine, so that the lifting orderly.Rising the air of the Yang, reducing the corrupt air,With windbreak, windbreak belongs to wind medicine, can blow away the stasis.Then added astragalus, ginseng, cinnamon, the first two flavor to fill qi, why to fill qi?Because of the use of broken gas and reduced gas, people are easy to empty after.With the cinnamon, which can nourish the fire and help the Yang, the healthy qi of the human body can be replenishable. Finally, a small amount of medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is added to the blood water in the bag, adding three herbs, ligusticum chuanxiong, Angelica sinensis and Paeonia lactiflora.The whole party a total of sixteen flavor, although more, but more and not disorderly, firmly grasp a word – gas.The parcel is born and dispersed by air, which is very delicate.