Can you push the clutch when you turn a stick shift

2022-06-06 0 By

Cars are not strange to everyone, especially now our country’s automobile industry develops very fast, the number of private cars is increasing.Through the feedback on the market can also see that basically everyone has a special preference for automatic transmission cars, simple operation and easy to let many owners choose automatic transmission cars.But this does not mean that no one likes manual transmission cars, xiaobian feel that manual transmission cars are particularly comfortable, especially when the feeling of continuous shift, it is not too comfortable.Anyway, when we take a driving license, we generally choose C1, C1 driving license should be the most common one.With C1 you can drive automatic cars and manual cars, C2 is the automatic car.When we take the C1 driving license, we use manual transmission cars.Manual transmission cars compared with automatic transmission cars, the foot of a clutch, the operation is slightly more difficult.Someone posted a question on the post bar asking whether a manual car can use the clutch when turning a corner.This has also caused many owners of the evaluation of friends, first of all, let’s talk about the harm of stepping on the clutch when turning, if you step on the clutch or half linkage when the vehicle turns, the vehicle will enter the sliding state or weak power.If there is an emergency on the road at this time, you need to control the steering wheel and the speed, but also need to shift, there is some confusion, so when we drive, must not step on the clutch to turn the operation.Some driving school instructors responded that some novices always have the habit of stepping on the brake and clutch when practicing the third turn.In fact, this practice is a bit redundant, the car at high speed, the best not to step on the brake and clutch together, the general clutch is used when shifting, and when we park on the street, the brake and clutch together, hanging into neutral parking.So the clutch controller, which is only used when the car starts and shifts gears, can be released quickly after stepping on it.Manual car need to understand the role of the clutch, not random use, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the car.However, automatic transmission cars are not this kind of trouble, only the brake and throttle two controllers, the operation is more convenient, which is why many people choose automatic transmission cars.