Xiaomi new design patent exposure, rear lens support free disassembly

2022-06-04 0 By

What is the ultimate form of mobile phone at this stage?Believe that everyone has their own answer.Throughout the current mobile phone products, front-facing camera has always been a difficult problem, but also a technical difficulty to achieve a true full screen.Underscreen camera technology has been released, but it’s not reassuring to take pictures.Obviously, this technology is not perfect, but it has obvious advantages and disadvantages.Just recently, a new patented xiaomi design was revealed, which seems to offer users a compromise approach.According to foreign media, Xiaomi has submitted a new patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization.According to the patent filing, the patent has a variety of rear camera module designs, including magnets, receivers, wireless transmission elements, and a detachable design.Notably, these detachable camera modules can be attached to the top of the phone via magnets and used as a front-facing camera, creating a perfect full-screen display.In this way, if the camera can be disassembled, with different styles of cameras, it can naturally achieve different shooting effects, so that mobile phone images are more professional.It is unclear whether the design will go into mass production.However, just from the technical implementation difficulty, or quite high.There is no doubt that such a detachable design will bring not a small challenge to the sealing of the phone, including maintenance, replacement accessories, waterproof and other issues need to be considered.In addition, Xiaomi has filed a patent for a similar electronic device and hidden camera, a pop-up camera that can be used to take selfies and act as a rear-facing lens for taking photos and videos.