When “three fresh powder” to “two fresh powder”, suspected of cutting corners, consumers have opinions

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Into landscape jiatianxia guilin, enjoy YaoXiang history of heavy precipitation, river’s information, please click on the tea tea kawakaze public, fast reading and attention when the “three fresh powder” change “two fresh powder”, allegedly cut corners, consumers have opinions, a reader reflect to us, she was GongCheng street (guangxi guilin GongCheng yao nationality autonomous county) rice noodle shop outside to eat rice every day,Often cut powder (flat rice noodles), pressed powder (round rice) to add keeping, crisp flesh, pot roast pork, or spiral lions powder and so on, in eating, because often eat a kind of taste would inevitably boring, but she recently ate a “three fresh powder” (assignment pork liver, small intestine, fresh rice vermicelli), has become a “two fresh”, the lack of the small intestine in it, makes her uncomfortable.”If there are no snails in the noodle, I can accept them,” she said. “After all, wild snails (referring to some field snail species) have become aquatic animals under state protection, but there are only two snails in the noodle, which is a bit misleading to consumers.”In order to verify whether the situation is true, we visited several rice noodle shops, and the owners reported several common situations: First, when the pork price was raised the year before last, due to the rising cost of liver, small intestine and fresh meat, the small intestine that diners do not like to eat was excluded from the purchase;Second, some diners do not like to eat small intestine, because it is bitter and chewy, or afraid of fat, I do not know why some diners do not like to eat;Third, it does not rule out the case of reducing costs and not purchasing small intestine.(File photo: A bowl of rice noodles.We believe that “three fresh noodles” is a unique brand of rice noodles. There are many people who have good management. For example, pork liver, small intestine and fresh meat should be purchased on the same day to ensure freshness.Small intestine to choose kill pig is not hungry for a few days belly pig, so the small intestine will not have bitter taste, eat is “powder sausage”;Fresh meat is best to choose the tenderloin, so the meat and soup are fresh and sweet.In any case, sanxian noodles is a traditional food. The soup is delicious, nutritious and suitable for all ages. It is a kind of taste derived from various rice noodles, which is loved by many consumers.Here is a warm reminder: the relevant rice noodle shop should pay attention to retain this traditional food, to do a good job authentic, do not cut corners, consumers will vote with their feet, do not pick the sesame lost watermelon.Information by author/photo