Keep an eye on the target to ensure the smooth implementation of the project

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On the afternoon of April 7, Ma Jun, deputy secretary of district Party Committee and district head, led the heads of relevant units to inspect the construction of “Five key blocks” in Wujili block.District committee standing committee, deputy district chief Luo Xiongwen to participate in supervision.Wujili block is located in Haimen Sub-district, which is one of the “five key urban organic renewal projects” of the district. It covers an area of 146 mu, involving more than 900 households and a building area of 130,000 square meters.”How is the work of relocating people within the red line going?””After the transfer of transitional housing resettlement what kind of plan?”Ma Jun and his party boarded the tall building beside the crossroad, overlooking the block from the air, listening to the work to advance the situation.He stressed the need to strictly standardize the policy on land expropriation, carry out land expropriation in accordance with the law and regulations, do a solid and careful job with the people, carry out policy processing in a steady and orderly manner, ensure fairness, justice and openness, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people to the maximum extent.We need to effectively solve the problems of resettlement sites and transitional housing, which are of the greatest concern to the people, and make plans and arrangements in advance to reassure the people.After the field survey of jiaojiang small commodity market and the surrounding situation, Ma Jun stood in front of the house for on-site office, detailed understanding of the difficulties and problems in the relocation work, and jointly discuss the measures and methods to solve the problem.He stressed that in accordance with the overall idea of local streets and competent departments performing their respective duties and promoting the project in a coordinated manner, the project relocation work command department should be established as soon as possible. In strict accordance with the deployment requirements of the city and district, and in accordance with the project time nodes, close cooperation and full collaboration will form a strong working force to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: