With only six episodes left in the series finale, the two main characters reveal their true colors

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“Heart Of Home” is an urban emotional TV work, the play by Feng Shaofeng, Tong Yao, Hai Qing, Zhang Songwen starring, mainly tells the heroine Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu to work and family struggle, their efforts to resolve the obsession, the pursuit of happiness story.Faced with only six episodes left, the two protagonists of Heart Dwelling revealed their true colors, and Feng danian’s ending will disappoint the audience.In the show, many of the characters become more and more absurd as the series progresses.Shi Yuan and Gu Qingyu at the beginning of the time, because he knew the gap between the two conditions, so he has been trying to improve, want to make up for the gap through their own efforts to give Gu Qingyu a better life.And in the latest plot, Shi Yuan for his so-called self-esteem, actually chose to betray Gu Qingyu, the result is revealed, not only shi Yuan’s business did not make it, Gu Qingyu was also misunderstood by the boss, lost his job directly.It is true that Shi Yuan is under a lot of pressure, he is eager to prove himself, and at the same time to pay off the debt, but that does not justify his decision.Gu Qingyu had promised to help him with the remaining five hundred thousand debt, but Shiyuan is reluctant to face, he is really and his mother Hua Yongyu is exactly the same, they are typical “die to face, suffer” Lord.In addition, in the latest episode, the true colors of the two main characters will be revealed.One is Feng Qianqian.Feng Qianqian just online, although she has been relying on her sister Feng Xiaoqin’s relationship to live in the family, looking for a job is also relying on Exhibition xiang, but she is at least sincere and kind, in the family will often do some housework, work is also very hard.And after knowing Gu Xin, she really completely changed, saying that black is not too much.In the face of the night and Gu Xin, Feng Qianqian and Gu Xin had discussed as nothing happened, and because of the follow-up business requirements of Feng Qianqian, she found Gu Xin, through Gu Xin and Ge Yue’s uncle began to do business together.Borrow the intersection on the business, Feng Qianqian and Gu Xin become more and more do not have boundary feeling, Feng Qianqian knows Gu Xin has a wife clearly, have a child to still be close to all the time however, it is making a person speechless really.In addition, in the face of Gu Qingyu questioned her rely on others to promote their business when the relationship, she still justly said Gu Qingyu looked down on her, ridiculous is Gu Qingyu said also right is not.The other is Gu Xin, of course.Gu Xin affection medium “slag” actually from he all the time and before cummer Sun qi lian lian can see come, and what let a person did not think of is he later period can be so “slag”.Wife Ge Yue in his father was a stroke in the end, Gu Xin the whole person began to change, at the beginning he wanted to compound with his ex-girlfriend Sun Qi, but Sun Qi chose to go abroad, after the plan fell through Gu Xin side and provoked feng Qianxi.In the face of Ge Yue, gu Xin has become visible to the naked eye dislike, when Ge Yue than Gu Xin family conditions are not a little bit better, she doesn’t care at all, just want to live a good life and Gu Xin, on the contrary, gu Xin’s behavior is really disgusting.In the original story, there is one character in the finale that will disappoint many viewers: Feng Danian, Feng Xiaoqin’s illegitimate son.The portrayal of Feng danian so far in the drama has left many viewers unimpressed with him, for two reasons.First, When Feng Danian was just online, he made a disaster, a pair of fearless, resulting in Feng Xiaoqin had to apologize to others, from here we can see that Feng Danian is not a fuel-efficient lamp.Second, Feng Danian went to Shanghai without informing Feng Xiaoqin. After Gu Lei’s death, Feng Xiaoqin was not particularly liked.There is a Feng Qianxi living in the family feng Xiaoqin has been quite difficult to do, Feng Danian again is not more outrageous, more speechless is Feng Danian is not polite at all, at the table and Gu Yin eat, and gu gu old lady talk back.Feng Xiaoqin how to persuade, Feng Danian is not listen to, he is not willing to continue to study, will stay in Shanghai.The original version, although Feng Danian very rebellious character, but he has a good character hand do crafts, this drama version there are based on some fragments to depict, is precisely relies on this do hand handle ability, Feng Danian not only did it themselves, and also made a lot of money, believe it and many audience desired outcome will differ.Feng Danian finally successful counterattack, to a large extent, severely hit Gu Qingyu’s face.As far as Gu Qingyu is concerned, she has always looked down on Feng Xiaoqin, or she looked down on the whole Feng family, including Feng Danian naturally. There are many reasons, including gu Qingyu’s natural loneliness and pride, and feng Xiaoqin’s hidden illegitimate child.Gu Qingyu always felt that Feng Danian was a rebellious child who did not seek progress and had no promise. He would never think of his special skills.The characters in Residence have better aspirations for their future life, but some of them take the wrong path, and they will eventually be punished.What do you think of Feng Qianxi, Gu Xin and Feng Danian?Welcome to leave a message.