I think I’m in a loop

2022-05-31 0 By

I think I’m in a loop.I’ve been trying to escape this cycle since I was 36, but to no avail.Even though I spent a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of money, I still couldn’t get rid of it, and eventually I fell into it again and again.The cycle is, my fat will come back.I’ve tried many things to lose weight, especially belly fat.For running, plan to get up early every day to run.But getting up early is hard enough, not to mention running.Then I planned to run at night, but as soon as I put on my running shoes, my friend called me and asked me to drink, so I went to drink.I also want to go swimming.But, you know, belly fat is against the pool.I walk in the pool with a big belly, just like the National football team into the football field, how to look how awkward.I don’t know how to get into the pool. Every time I jump in, there’s a big wave.All he could do was crawl up and down the ledge and slip in quietly, like a pig in boiling water.I also went to the gym.I think hiring a personal trainer is one of the stupidest ways to spend money.I spent 400 yuan a session with a private tutor to teach me planking, lying flat with my ankles and striding the knees with the ankles.These movements before school when the PE teacher taught me more than 800 times, I spend 400 yuan an hour to review again.The good thing about working out is that it gives me control over what I eat.When I think about the fat that comes from eating a piece of pork belly and it takes 200 flat pushes to get rid of it, I eat no more than a bowl per meal.Then go flat push 1000 times.Entering the age of 40, I gained weight very fast, almost 10 kg a year.I feel like if I don’t control it, by the time I die of natural causes, I should weigh 500 pounds.She weighs 500 pounds, and when she dies, she doesn’t even know how to move to a funeral home. There’s no incinerator that big.I expect they’ll borrow a lamb stove and burn me.I know I need to lose a lot of weight.I only eat two meals a day, and one of those meals is potato or yams or something.There was a time when I ate potatoes until I vomited, one and two, and I almost became a potato maker.Even so, I didn’t lose weight, just not gain.I really don’t want to eat plant-based food for another meal. Damn it, I’m not a marmot.I even thought about liposuction.Killing a chicken during the New Year, cutting off the grease in its stomach, is really disgusting and pleasant.But I was afraid to do it, lying on the operating table and having my fat taken away, feeling like the chicken.My weight is finally under control and seems to be dropping a little bit. If it goes like this, I should weigh about 100 kilograms when I die.The funeral home staff won’t have to bother.He could even pick me up like a cane.Think of their efforts can be convenient for others, I am very happy, thin me a person, convenient ten million, why not.But, but, but, there is one holiday in China that brings mixed feelings – Spring Festival.On a diet during Spring Festival, how to say?It’s not impossible.But, when others open happy heart big mouth eat meat, you beside elephant dead whole family same drop meat not touch, then whole family return call you: eat meat ah eat meat ah!What do you do?Even more puzzling than quantum entanglement is why you gain more weight over a few days at Spring Festival than you lose in a year of dieting.The formula that a day is equal to a year seems to have been read in fairy tales.No wonder the Spring Festival is so happy, the original is immortal days.I just go into this endless cycle, minus minus minus, and bounce, minus minus minus, and bounce again.I think I’ll think about what to do with my fat body after I die.