2021 MOE burning group, the crown by the youth pig head juvenile series, male catalpa Sakita won

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With the end of 2021, the majority of fans have been tired, after all, for their husband and wife to do a variety of posts, videos and so on.And in such a game must be the need to have king, he is the “youth pig head juvenile series” male, and 3 (female) friends of Catalpa Sakita Sakita.One, meng Wang in the last article, I have “the witch’s Journey” Irene finished writing, so here is no longer open alone.There are a lot of popular characters in this series, so that’s why I have to write them separately. After all, male characters are different from female characters.People watch cartoons for so many years, plus most of them have male protagonists, but it is hard to remember his name, so the female characters in our hearts have a much higher memory than the male characters.As male characters are divided into nova male group and Star male group, there are old characters and new characters. Among them, the most popular characters are:Tong Valley and people, Lu Lu Repair Lampersubgrade, Wei Palace (Archer), Gilgamesh, etc., so you can see that the burning group is actually more than the bud group to “light” some, because most of the animation are mostly male, so in fact when voting female friends may be slightly less.But in terms of the number of votes above, the intensity of the fierce and meng Wang group actually not too much, after all, as far as the results are concerned, the two sides of the head-on showdown in fact, the number of votes are not far apart.In the final, the adorable king group 1V1 showdown total: 24,576 votes;Total: 20,547 votes for the 1V1 showdown.So the difference between the adorable king and the burning King is only 4,029 votes.And as the burning king group, even if only a total of more than 20,000 votes, also can still see very fierce, why?From the perspective of popular male characters: Soldier commander, 486, great teacher and Tong Ren are all very popular characters, of course, they also have a common characteristic: they are all men who are “harem Kings”.So in this game, it’s really a harem versus harem.The most surprising characters in terms of male characters, did you find them?Whether tong people or, or wei Gong shi Lang, there are several harem, so this showdown is actually to see which wife a little more (fog)?, so you can see that the burning king is absolutely in the fight harem number of how many (fog).The most surprising thing about this showdown, I think, is: Tomoya Okazaki from CLANNAD.After all, CLANNAD was released in 2004, animated in 2007, and animated in the second season in 2008, so it can be seen that he is a very “old” character, so it is really a surprise to see that he even had a chance to stand on the top of the list, and finally ranked 18th.After all, according to the charts, most of the animated male characters are actually popular animation works in recent years, so can we also say: accidental NO1 ninja?Or okazaki Tomoya in the hearts of many people, in fact, there is quite an important, meaningful character, so what do you remember the story of this character?Please leave a message.So for such an ACGN work, through the light novel author, the old thief Duck Shitian to describe the delicate feelings (a female writer’s taste), and constantly let people see (animation), chasing the light novel, is indeed a big man level author,For example, he’s the creator of my recent favorite Series, Plump Monday 2, so it’s a real bonus.Similarly, there are a lot of harem Kings for bunny schoolgirl and weirdo, so every female role has a lot of opportunities to play, so when looking at the “Young Pig head Juvenile Series” this animation work is still fresh in my mind.And today because just talk about burning king group, so today I will first say here, once again congratulations only 3 girlfriend haomiya king, Catalkawa Sakita won the world meng Burning king crown.This article is an original cartoon comment, margin leaf two yuan public number, do a maverick cartoon, welcome to like and recommend, prohibit reprint.