Premier League action: Tottenham Hotspur lost 3-2 at home to Southampton

2022-05-29 0 By

Tottenham hotspur played Southampton in the English Premier League at 03:45 on February 10, 2022.Tottenham lost 3-2 on aggregate to Southampton.Southampton were in charge and 54 per cent of their attacks were a threat to Tottenham, who were under pressure at home.Tottenham had 11 shots on goal, 55 per cent of them on target and two attacks through the defence, while Southampton scored three goals on 22 shots away from home and had five shots aimed at goal.Tottenham picked up two yellow cards and Southampton were booked three times, but the visitors were more prolific away from home.Manchester City v Brentford 03:45 Norwich v Crystal Palace 04:00 Aston Villa v Leeds United