Police cracked a huge case of reselling cultural relics and seized 151 han Dynasty stone statues

2022-05-29 0 By

Police in Huaibei, Anhui province, recently cracked a large-scale cultural relics reselling case, arresting 4 suspects and seizing 151 picture stones, including 4 national second-class cultural relics and 30 third-class cultural relics.In October 2021, police in Huaibei, Anhui province, received a report that a company’s warehouse contained a large number of picture stones suspected of being cultural relics.So, the police together with the cultural heritage protection department quickly arrived at the scene, after identification, most of these stone paintings for han Dynasty cultural relics, huaibei city a real estate company management cao in 2010 or so from others to buy, for personal collection.Investigation found that Cao love collection, part of the Han Dynasty stone is purchased through the company accounts.Subsequently, the police screened cao’s company’s books and eventually found a number of transactions to buy the Han Dynasty stone, the identity of the object of the transaction also surfaced.After obtaining the evidence, in November 2021, the police rushed to Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, arrested the three suspects, Zhu mou, Chen Mou and Zhang Mou, who were peddling cultural relics, and found 52 han Dynasty stone paintings that had not been traded in the suspect Chen’s home.After the expert preliminary appraisal, mostly for cultural relics.After investigation, led by Zhu mou cultural relics reselling gang members are xuzhou, Jiangsu, the gang internal division of labor is clear, is a typical family reselling cultural relics gang.In order to hide, the gang also bought trucks, forklifts and other crime tools, by zhu’s grandson as a driver, in order to facilitate the transport of han Dynasty stone paintings.According to the police investigation, the suspect Zhu mou is engaged in rubbings technology work, get acquainted with a lot of antique merchants, usually from a man surnamed Wu to buy han Dynasty stone paintings, and then sell at a high price, to make high profits.The suspect once bought a Han Dynasty stone for about 50,000 yuan and sold it to his next family for about 500,000 yuan, making a profit of nearly 450,000 yuan.On January 11, the suspect Wu was arrested.According to Wu account, he hands han Dynasty stone mainly from xuzhou local Lv, Ma, ma, lv has also been detained by the police.According to relevant sources, the current cultural relics crime and the Internet are closely linked.Criminals use the Internet to post information about tombs, locate them, and then contact online buyers. After the stolen artifacts are stolen, there are specialized antiquities dealers and brokers.At present, the police seized 151 Han dynasty stone statues have been handed over to huaibei Museum, the case is further handled.