After breaking up, if a woman has three kinds of behavior, in fact, she never loved you

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Many people have two puzzles like this: in the process of love, it is impossible to tell whether your partner loves you, and after breaking up, it is even more impossible to determine whether the other person has loved you.The serious feelings of that party, always be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, carefully guard their hearts of love.People often say that a good man does not live long, in the relationship between the sexes, seriously pay that one, often will lose very miserably, and not seriously, did not pay the other side of the heart, but always whole body and back, have to say, sometimes, the world is really not absolutely fair.A breakup is the end of a relationship. It means that both parties cease to be in touch and become strangers, or retire to the status of friends and enjoy each other’s lives.This belongs to the ideal state of men and women after breaking up, it is difficult to achieve, in fact, after breaking up, many people are struggling with such a question, that is whether the other party has loved them, especially men, is very care about the answer to this question.To find out, look for the telltale signs in a woman’s behavior after a breakup.Of course, men want “I’ve loved” or “I’m still in love,” but that doesn’t stop them from saying “NEVER loved.”After breaking up, if a woman has three kinds of behavior, in fact, she never loved you.The first kind: ask to part company expend part company expend these 3 words, it is ridiculous very, bisexual association, it is your affection I wish originally, because of love and a kind of behavior that combine, finally, among them one party wants to use money to measure the affection between two people however, so, this paragraph of affection changed qualitative, past good memories also became a big joke.After break up, if women are put forward for break-up fee, reason is nothing more than the youth loss, emotional loss, loss of time and so on, if a man is not to, a woman is immediately changed a pair, a rumor everywhere, intimidating man, in a social platform to denigrate, exposure to each other, which means a woman never love you.It is because I did not love you, so I can calculate so clearly with you in money, broke up, but also from you to get a sum of money, squeeze your final surplus value, for such an ex, there is nothing to miss.Guys make the mistake of thinking that if a woman comes back to you every time she has a problem after a breakup, it’s a sign that she can’t forget you.Do not flatter oneself, think a woman in the heart of the first reaction to think of who, who is the most important person.Women come back to you, not because they care about you, just because they are used to ordering you, and you are very obedient, willing to let her ordering, at any time, women will not miss this convenient opportunity.Even if you have a new boyfriend, as soon as you have a problem, you will still come to ask for your help. For example, when it rains on the way to work overtime, a woman calls you to pick her up. Don’t be wrong.Because I have never loved you, I will not consider your feelings and treat you as a “spare” and will not have any guilt.The 3rd kind: send a few ambiguous sad character to you intentionally in the late night after breaking up, the woman is insomnia, cannot sleep, send a few ambiguous sad character to you intentionally in the late night, do not think she forget you, want to compound with you.In fact, her original intention is to torture you, late at night to send ambiguous text, just to test whether you will take the bait.In other words, she is confirming her own attractiveness, deliberately teasing you so that you will not forget her, so as to confirm her own attractiveness.When she wakes up in the morning, she can brag to her BFF about how she’s been able to impress her ex, and at the same time, you’ll be the source of her bragging for the next month.In the eyes of women, you become an emotional “Tian dog”.In the feelings, the most afraid is that one party is not serious, and the other party is too serious, pay all the sincerity, at the moment of separation, still crying to retain each other, the result ends up being laughed at.Breaking up means the end of each other’s feelings, as adults, to be aware of this, not to take up, also put down.Think deep feeling can get the mercy of the other side, but your deep feeling, in the eyes of the former, nothing, but also ridiculous.In fact, whether your partner loves you or not can be seen in everyday details, but most of the time, you are not willing to admit this reality.Lies will eventually show the true face of the day, the other person does not love you, early in the morning to make the plan to leave, when you have no use of value, the moment of separation is coming, remember not to do the feelings of the slave.- End – Do you agree with the above statement?As someone who has been there, what else can you share?Welcome to comment.