Do you know the bond between dogs?

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Do dogs have feelings for each other?Many people say that as the most intelligent animals, human beings are full of emotions, while cats and dogs are beasts and have no friendship to speak of…If you really think that, you have a big mistake…Had seen such a scene on the highway before, let a person sad and warm heart!Two stray dogs were walking by the side of the road when a truck came screaming. One of them was scared and ran over by the truck….Instead of running away in fear, the animal stayed with the dead animal, shaking it in the hope that the dog would wake it up, but…It kept barking and shaking, as if it could not accept the fact, hoping that the partner just played a joke with it, as if as long as it kept shaking, the partner would stand up and leave with it, and walk the rest of the way…But, all in vain…You think this is just a dog act?In fact, the friendship between animals is much deeper than we think….In fact, Hong Kong is afraid to see such news, every time I can not help but shed tears…But the heart uncomfortable at the same time will be because of these small children’s actions and feel warm, although their IQ is not enough, the body is not strong, but always can do some people can not do….Friendship, in fact, is not only human, dog feelings are not worse than human beings, and more pure!Two dogs were lost abroad. Their owner searched for them for a long time and finally found them in a pit several days later.It turned out that one of the dogs fell first and was injured accidentally, and the other dog had been with it all along, except occasionally to go out to find food, has not left.They were trapped for five days, and rescuers said the uninjured dog could have left on its own, but it didn’t!Such a friendship, even people may not be able to do!How strong are animal friendships?Many animal behaviorists say that there is an extremely close bond between familiar dogs, and that “friendship” is a fair definition.The friendship between dogs sometimes goes far beyond that of the most intelligent humans, fearless even in the face of death.Behavioral scientist Stanley Once shared a true story on his blog: Mickey is a Labrador who has a best friend named Paige, a tiny chihuahua. Not only do they have the cutest height difference, but they also have a strong friendship.They chase each other around and bite each other.Tall Mickey would sometimes deliberately lie on the ground, exposing his belly and allowing the little Paige to ride on him as if he had been defeated by Paige.When it’s time to go to bed, Peggy snuggles up against chunky Mickey and sleeps peacefully.But the happy time is always so short!One night, the two dogs were chasing each other on the front lawn. Short-legged Peggy ran in a big circle to get rid of Mickey and accidentally ran into the road, where she was knocked over by a car.When her grieving owners arrived to find Peggy not breathing, they wrapped her in a burlap bag and buried her in a shallow hole in their garden.Mickey followed the whole time with his tail between his legs, and when his tearful owner called him back into the house, he remained motionless by Paige’s grave until they were all asleep.Waking up in the middle of the night with a whimper, the owner was surprised to find her burlap bags strewn across the garden lawn and her grave dug up!Look at Mickey, standing over Paige’s dead body, frantically licking her face with his tongue and poking her limbs with his nose as if he were rescuing a patient in a hospital!In this way, it hopes to snatch back its little friend from the hand of death!Just as the owner was about to stop Mickey’s futile efforts, a miracle happened!Paige, already limp, shuddered. Then she wobbled her head and let out an incredible SOB.Paige is alive!I can’t believe Mickey saved Paige!Now they can play happily together again, feel each other’s warmth and accompany each other through life.A dog’s life is short, but you are enough!Perhaps when it comes to wisdom, dogs may not be as intelligent as humans, but when it comes to the most sincere feelings, we are sometimes inferior to these little beings!Whether it is to treat the same kind or master, they will pay together without reservation, even if it is life!Dogs never change their feelings for their owners because of anything.After their owner passed away, they lay on their grave waiting for him to wake up, even though we knew that was never going to happen again. Capitan was at his funeral in 2006.According to the management, he has been visiting the cemetery every day for six years at 6 p.m. for a little planking…Yes, a dog’s love for its owner can sometimes be earth-shattering.After the owner died, the dog lay in the owner’s cemetery crying, how refused to go, let a person see heartbreaking.So make the most of every day you spend with it now.So please be kind to these little people who give their heart to the world, their hearts are more pure than anyone else, even if the whole world abandoned you, but they will not, whether poor or rich, they will stick by your side until the last moment of life!So give them a little love, they don’t need much, just a little