Always walk with love!Wu Shan, owner of Changan Uni-K, has resumed his self-drive trip to Africa

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She has traveled to 104 countries, and through her short videos, gives you a first-hand experience of different cultures and landscapes around the world.She is Wu Shan, a short video creator born in the 1980s, a world traveler with love and dreams.A year later, she set out again across the African continent to continue her “legendary” travel story.Travel is Wu Shan’s life.Her heart is full of desire and strength, even though the pandemic is spreading around the world, it can not stop her enthusiasm for distant places.In July 2021, she drove her Changan Uni-K from Xi ‘an to Ruoqiang, Xinjiang province, through several unpopulated areas, covering more than 12,000 kilometers.”For me, the journey has no end.”As Wu Shan himself said in an interview.For this “explore Africa tour”, is she started a new journey.Of course, this is not wu shan’s first trip to Africa. She drove her Changan CS95 from China to Zimbabwe four years ago.This time, Wu shan was accompanied by her old friend changan Uni-K.Through international logistics, she shipped chang ‘an Uni-K to Zimbabwe, which she knew well. It arrived and started successfully. Made in China filled Wu Shan with pride.The Changan Uni-K seems to have its own social attributes. Along the way, it has been praised by African friends, and passers-by have taken photos with the car with their mobile phones.Wu Shan left Zimbabwe, drive in the beautiful scenery of the African continent is located in the central plateau of South Africa kgalagadi basin countries – Botswana, an average elevation of about 1000 meters, boz, northeast border with Zimbabwe, this road trip to Africa “, “Wu Shan drove all the way her changan UNI – K from Zimbabwe, Botswana,The crossing is more than 4,500km.It takes Wu Shan two hours by car to reach Zimbabwe’s border with Botswana.However, there is a dangerous stretch of two-lane motorway in both directions. If you encounter slow traffic, you can pass by borrowing the opposite lane.Driving on this kind of road requires high safety awareness and dynamic performance of vehicles.Fortunately, local people in Zimbabwe drive well, and Wu shan’s driving experience is very rich, so it’s not too difficult a challenge.The front truck turned on the turn signal to inform Wu Shan that it was safe to overtake on the opposite lane. At this point, the Changan Uni-K equipped with a 2.0T engine quickly completed the overtaking, reducing the time occupied on the opposite lane and making driving safer.Unlike in other regions or cities, petrol stations are few and far between in many southern African cities.The changan Uni-K’s fuel economy is a strong guarantee for wu’s trip. The high pressure injection technology enables the 2.0t engine to achieve better atomization and combustion efficiency. For the 2.0T uni-K, 8L/100km fuel consumption is very good.”On the road, Wu Shan expressed her affirmation of the economy of Changan Uni-K.When driving on the highway in Botswana, the traffic flow is very small, so it is a good choice to turn on cruise control. Wu Shan turned on the automatic cruise function to keep the speed at 100km/h, so as to balance traffic efficiency and fuel economy.The road construction in southern Africa is relatively backward, and there are many potholes on the road. Fortunately, with the support of the vibration control and management system of “full displacement RS shock absorber valve system”, Wu Shan’s Changan Uni-K can greatly reduce the vibration and impact of the road, not only ensure comfort, but also improve the travel efficiency of the “Explore Africa tour”.On the way to stay at Thebe River Lodge, Wu Shan talked with her African friend sitting in the passenger seat in a relaxed and natural way. The changan Uni-K was quiet and comfortable without the noise of road, wind, engine and chassis.We soon reached our destination.The Lodge is made of natural materials, so locals call it thatched, and the air inside is as healthy as the interior of a new Changan Uni-K — without any pungent smell.In Botswana, chobe National Park is a must for every traveler. Chobe National Park is located on the banks of the Chobe River, a major tributary of the Zambi River.Although the climate here is hot and humid, abundant precipitation and well-developed tributaries around nourish the growth of wild animals and plants along the banks, presenting a magnificent original natural landscape.Chobe national park in the complex terrain, Wu Shan rental safari car is responsible for leading the way, drive experienced her behind, the clock in changan UNI – K timely all-wheel-drive models, on the front wheel low adhesion, skid, which can realize continuous variable intelligence at the front and the distribution of the torque, improve the ability of vehicle were bailed out, help Wu Shan smoothly through the primeval forest.At the same time, Wu Shan also observed her favorite wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, antelopes, hippos and crocodiles, and felt the purest and most primitive power of nature.Wu Shan picked up her camera and took pictures of African elephants with Changan Uni-K.Of course, standing in the changan Uni-K with its large panoramic sunroof open, Wu Shan can safely take photos of various wild animals and reap fond memories.From Kasane, Botswana, to Maun, another city 600km away, the midway highway is lined with lush green vegetation and blue sky and white clouds. The scene is absolutely beautiful.Although the view is great, the wildlife on either side of the road can be dangerous to moving vehicles.Thanks to changan Uni-K’s hd dashcam, it can record in real time. Press the save button immediately after an accident, and you can store the first 15 seconds of video.After settling into Maun Lodge, the energetic Wu shan embarked on the next leg of her journey, taking a small plane to Mombo Camp in Botswana, which was voted the best holiday Camp in the world by Travel+Leisure.This is an all-inclusive Camp with an upscale and comfortable experience, just like the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere created by the Changan Uni-K cabin, staying at Mombo Camp is a relaxing experience.The room design presents a “wild luxury” style, which is not only luxurious, but also exudes a taste of primitive nature.Immerse yourself in an outdoor swimming pool in the forest, complete with plush furnishings such as a comfy king-size bed and soft sofa.During the long journey, changan Uni-K was equipped with “zero gravity” seats with excellent vibration filtering performance. Wu Shan did not feel too tired, which kept her body in a relaxed state during the long drive.Leaving the comfort of Mombo Camp, Wu shan wants to go camping in Africa.Before leaving, Ms. Wu loaded her camping gear — POTS and pans, spices, ingredients, gas ranges, gas stoves, rice cookers, tents and oil drums — into changan Uni-K’s huge trunk.The idea is good, but the reality is cruel.During the rainy season in Botswana, mosquitoes plague the night, making it impossible to go back home. Wu Shan, who gave up her tent, turned the back seat of Changan Uni-K upside down and made a bed with bedding. At night, she counted the stars through the large panoramic skylight and fell asleep naturally.Optimistic, optimistic and tenacious, Wu Shan shows us once again the qualities of a global traveler. She always keeps her love for travel in her heart, broadens her horizon and makes her life more wonderful.Wu Shan continues to choose Changan Uni-K, which is her most trusted brand, for this “exploring Africa” tour. She wants to introduce Made-in-China products to the world, which is admirable!Although the “Africa Tour” has an end, Wu Shan’s “legendary” travel story never ends.