Primary school students in the paper full star name, the teacher angrily shook his head, parents read but understand

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Primary school students are the flowers of the motherland, but their childhood is not completely “carefree”, since the official start of the school, grades and rankings have become the focus of attention by teachers and parents.Especially when it comes to grade five or six, you have to consider entering middle school. If you want to enter those good schools, you still need to show your level.Facing the exam they are likely to be distressed, a student in the paper to answer a “pattern”, the teacher looked after also helpless.Primary school student writes full star name in the examination paper, the teacher is straight shake head: just want to chase after star, result ability good?The final exam is a heavy test for any student, and is often followed by a formal parents’ meeting.For primary school students, home will not be taught by their parents, to see the exam can test well.One sixth-grade student went the other way, not only failing to write the correct answer, but also making the teacher shake her head in anger.Let’s take a look at his profile and see what’s going on.Above all, it is this piece of biology examination paper, generally speaking put in front of test questions part of the fill in blank, mostly is basic knowledge.If the students listen carefully and memorize the contents of the textbook before the exam, the score is not difficult.But the pupil was unable to do either of them. Whether it was because he was too embarrassed to turn in the blank paper or because he was bored in the examination room, he wrote down the names of celebrities in the blanks that needed to be filled in.These are young stars, so they also get a lot of attention in primary and middle school students, is a topic that children often discuss together after school.But directly into the paper, the teacher was very angry.The teacher who shared the paper said, “If students only think about chasing stars when they are in primary school, can they get good grades?”This is the most vivid example.Let’s look at another paper. This is a science course in primary school, somewhat similar to the old Nature course, but with more knowledge and experiments.This student wrote all over the words “time youth group” and so on, it seems to be expected to get 0 points, the key is that the teacher may feel that zero points do not want to give after reading, directly want to talk to the parents.Parents, however, have a different attitude.When parents saw the test paper, they understood the students a little, and frankly said, “I would have done the same thing”. Many parents themselves were very confused, and did not understand why those students deserve so much attention.Some students will secretly take the parents of the mobile phone brush gifts, more let their parents disappointed.But this time, many parents have a little understanding of this child, the main reasons are two.The first is the examination paper, although the sixth grade is a senior grade, but the difficulty seems to be too high.Some regions will strictly limit the difficulty of primary school textbooks, so as not to put too much pressure on students.Especially for this kind of “small subject”, the most important thing is to cultivate interest and increase general knowledge, maybe there is no need to take the exam in such a serious way.But some elementary schools, perhaps in order to enrich the teaching content, to produce better students, will increase the difficulty of such subjects.Some parents said that it was easy for students to fall behind when the minor subjects were so difficult, and I might be the same.Secondly, parents have certain opinions about teachers often talking to their parents.While nurturing primary school students requires a high degree of parental involvement, teachers also have a role to play.Primary school students are always obsessed with stardom. This phenomenon may not be the only problem of parents. It is unrealistic to expect all parents to understand family education.Because of this, the effective guidance of teachers is very important.Therefore, parents believe that teachers should teach and communicate more when they find pupils chasing stars, which is a reflection of the significance of school education and the basic expectation of parents to send students to school.When students choose their idols, they should pay more attention to their efforts for their dreams. It is not completely negative to learn their advantages. Every parent may have their favorite celebrities when they go to school.If the students are still rational, parents should not be free to question and criticize.Some students not only appreciate the appearance level of their idols, but also clearly know how hard they have paid for their dreams.This will become the motivation for students to make progress, and play a role in regulating their mood when they feel bored in learning.Learning the advantages of these people, but also in the invisible self supervision and promotion.That power may be hard to replace with those around you.If parents do not strongly object, I hope students can cherish their parents’ openness.In chasing stars at the same time, more efforts to study lessons, strive to be admitted to a good school, the future has the opportunity to become a successful person, a good return to parents’ understanding and training;Don’t just appreciate what’s on the surface.Topic: What do you think about primary school students chasing stars?If you want to know more exciting content, please come to wanyan Education