Safety person diary | crucian carp danger

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01 Serious, really difficult February 19, 2022 Saturday, Xiao Yu last night the leaders came to support the scene, the duty car at 8 PM for some reason can not go, the result at the railway station half an hour did not get a taxi.As soon as the leader entered the room early in the morning, Lao Yuan said that party B had been reluctant to change the lifting car, so he was very angry and lost his temper.I went to the railway station last night to meet the leader.Especially at night.Thoughtless, self-blame.The light rain is heavier today than yesterday.Luckily, I can walk in the rain for a while.The morning meeting highlighted the safety risks of rainy weather.Still use storytelling rather than Shouting out safety rules.Stick to it, always use storytelling to emphasize a so-called big point.The lift is 2011, and the paint stickers on the nameplate are still there.This deeply embedded in the national character is not careful, is so everywhere.Party B is also a state-owned transportation company.Let us go to Nanchong to see two car lifts produced in 2019, but they were pulled here by a pallet truck in 2011, without relevant qualification documents and other materials.The aerial work vehicle itself is a hidden danger, not to mention that in order to eliminate the risk of falling from high altitude, and equipped with the aerial work vehicle looks like a good deed.Drilling contracts are not detailed.I wonder if this style has something to do with the frequent wars over thousands of years of history.Do business, as if not the pursuit of delicate and serious, make do.Fear of war and destruction?02 Leadership communication skills Party B also implements heterogeneous supervision.The drilling company of the secondary unit is supervised on site by another secondary unit safety supervisor.Security has sent three men.The leader had a chat with them.After all, it’s the security team on the ground.The leader has a strong ability to communicate with people.It is his gift to express himself with words.I was barely verbal. I just listened.This time I decided to let xiao Bao learn language, hoping that he would be good at expressing himself in the future.The leader said that his work experience is to know a person, immediately put the name of the other party, in the book, and then understand the past of the other party.It’s a quick way to get to know someone.In fact, what we call work is constantly dealing with people.Some people are good at this, like to summarize this aspect, is known as high emotional intelligence.All three started as roughnecks on the oil drilling team, working their way up to associate driller, driller, and even vice captain.He is experienced on the drill floor.This well is a key project. We have one safety supervisor on day and one night shift, the security yard on day and one night shift, and the well team itself on day and night shift.It seems that there are 3 security officers or security supervisors for each class.It’s a luxury security team.Because the key safety management personnel of the well team should be evaluated, the leader asked the three safety supervisors to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the work permit before the assessors arrived in the afternoon.The work permit system is basically a regulation of a company.Captain Zhang came over and told the leaders that after the well team had finished eating, we would go to eat some party A staff.This arrangement is actually reasonable.Avoid leaders standing in long lines, which don’t look good.Finally, the chef cooked six dishes alone and we had lunch together.Sichuan food is good, but there is very little seafood.My favorite is the little cabbage stew made by the crew chef.The food is terrible. It fits my teeth.When having a meal, the leader is very polite, constantly will own in front of the dish, let other colleagues dial some, far away.It can be seen that leaders are used to considering problems from the feelings of people on the other side.Details can always reflect the thoughts of leaders, which can not be formed in a day or two.Any little detail about a person can say a lot.The more casual a little action, the more real information revealed.Security is hard to do.The leader also expressed his belief.I know what they say is what they say, and that’s what most people do, like the king and queen.The leader said the value of safety personnel lies in the continuous training of workers.Of course, if the same person, for the same violation, is warned three times and still does not correct, he will be fired.The leaders also disapproved of imposing simple fines to make workers follow safety procedures.The idea is very Western.In fact, everything is a system, other western security management, is part of its system.The implementation of safety management in China must also be compatible with the Chinese system.The security procedures are all copied from western companies, but not all the people are western.Therefore, there should be a combination of Chinese and Western methods, otherwise there will be no good results.For thousands of years, Chinese and foreign cultures have merged.Risk, Everywhere The afternoon assessment lasted until a little over six.Then, we all went out to dinner.Rabbits, pigeons, local crucian carp.I always feel that the business of Sichuan restaurant is not so good.It is estimated that the average sichuan people spend money in restaurants, should be the first in the Midwest.It is not as good as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.There is more prosperity there, after all.When we had dinner, we mainly talked about rural Sichuan, northeast rural many hilltops are not farming, all kinds of plants and trees naturally grow, very dense.The climate in Sichuan is good, and all kinds of trees grow crazily.It’s a nice place.Unfortunately, many people in Sichuan need to go to other places for work.After all, it is far from the sea and lacks the convenience of sea shipping.Only the climate is good and the land is fertile, but not as rich as the southern coast.Lao Yuan was stabbed in the throat by a fish bone while eating crucian carp.Later I knew that I used steamed bread and so on.I said, Lao Yuan in front of that dish of sweet pie, why so fast.I see.Crucian carp, all by mouth kung fu, I so like to eat fish, but also carefully pinch small thorns with hand.However, old yuan is northeast people, language expression ability is strong, not careful by crucian carp injury.This may explain puyang during the Spring Festival, the gate of the community of wild crucian carp sold only 5 yuan a kilo.In 1991, I was in the central Plains oil field drilling company four vegetable market, asked the carp 8 yuan a catkilo.Crucian Carp says inflation can’t hurt him.This should be the only deflationary fish in 30 years.