Nokia G21 and G11 exposure design

2022-05-14 0 By

Nokia has revealed two new phones, both of which appear to be entry-level handsets, presumably the G11 and G21.The G21 looks like it has a rear triple camera, the G11 looks like it has a rear dual camera. Of course, the two main differences are in the main camera, one has a 50 megapixel main camera and the other does not, but it looks like the rear cover design is very good, at least very distinctive.Use of the processor is t606 and violet light show sharp processor, is the introduction to the processor, the mobile phone is domestic production, don’t know whether in domestic release, nokia mobile phones now feel has already started to walk to mid-range, even the entry level, this is a very interesting place, but the idea is not necessarily wrong, in many places,Nokia at least entry machine still has the market, domestic market may not be big, overseas market still has some, so Nokia is really now also do not have what good machine, have a bit helpless, but do not have method, this is reality.