Male dog will “head”, no wonder girls can not resist!

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Why do girls love male dogs more than female dogs?It turns out that male dogs will “go to the head”, and the following reasons are reasons that girls can’t refuse!Price advantage In general, male dogs will be a little cheaper than female dogs, because female dogs can be bred and some people will sell the next generation if they can’t raise enough, so it’s really good to have a male dog regardless of the issue of heirs.Better look at the same kind of dog, male dog appearance is better than female dog, girls are “appearance association”, like good-looking, that male dog better look, of course, the first choice male dog!Male dogs are braver than female dogs. Male dogs are bolder and braver than female dogs, especially medium and large dogs, which are stronger than female dogs. It is quite safe for girls who live alone to keep one, but female dogs may bark at strangers but dare not move forward.If the male dog has no menstrual period if the female dog, it will come to the aunt, to give it to wear aunt scarf, but also pay attention to the health of its private parts, and the female dog of the menstrual period, delicate, did not take good care of easy to get sick.Male dogs do not have this concern, boys will not come to the aunt, it is estimated that this also attracted many girls!Male dogs are better trained Most police dogs are much more male, because they are much more receptive than female dogs, so it is easier to train them.Male dog more leap character, not enough patience, general training time control in 10 minutes or so, want to get it to cooperate, can use reward small snacks, such as “chan not greasy chicken around the cod”, two meat taste is very good, together, the fairy flavor, the dog ate will surely darling cooperate with training.Male dog in general, will be big too bitch, especially for the huge dog, that is its biggest drawback, there may be a girl feel can’t afford, here small make up recommend “rate of pet dog food,” han’s factory processing, quality guaranteed, this is a specially designed for large dogs custom, in order to let more parents can provide their own lexy quality dog food, and 5 kinds of meat,Made by drying, it can satisfy the taste of different dogs, keep dogs well fed and healthy.Conclusion: Do you like male dogs?