Import cosmetics record continued growth under the “marceline Maxslim” attitude

2022-05-14 0 By

With the emergence of new regulations in the past two years, the development of many cosmetics enterprises in China has been affected to some extent.In contrast to China’s woes, however, imports appear unaffected by the new rules.According to the “Evaluation Standards for Cosmetic Efficacy Claims”, cosmetics that have been registered or put on record before May 1, 2021, cosmetics registrants and record holders shall evaluate the efficacy claims of cosmetics as required before May 1, 2023, and upload a summary of the basis of product efficacy claims.As we all know, cosmetics enterprises are now facing a lot of pressure under the requirements of new norms, resulting in the development of many micro cosmetics enterprises stagnating.According to data released by the State Food and Drug Administration, the number of registered domestic cosmetics under the new regulation is only 683.However, by the end of May, the import of ordinary cosmetics on record has more than 1,000, far more than domestic cosmetics on record.Of course, the corresponding increase of various costs of small and medium-sized cosmetics brands may be an opportunity and process of survival of the fittest for the Chinese market and consumers.Under the baptism of the epidemic, although the global economy has been affected to some extent, due to the rapid iteration, update and development of modern network communication, the impact of the epidemic on the world economy will be gradually reduced, and the rapid development of imported cosmetics in China will also be promoted.Therefore, despite the new cosmetics registration regulations are more stringent, but overseas cosmetics enterprises and brands are still very confident about the huge market prospects in China, such as The Japanese professional beauty salon line brand “Marcelin Maxslim
“.Its high-end skin care brand “Q-Belle” from 2021, is to increase the pace of import record of new products.In recent years, although European and American big brands and Korean cosmetics are strong on the offensive in the Chinese market, Japanese cosmetics still maintain a good reputation and purchasing power in the Chinese cosmetics market due to the unique artisan quality of product manufacturing and focus on research and development.Just as Japanese cosmetics pay great attention to detail, “Cobel Q-Belle” (a brand of MAXSLIM) is more about how people feel. Customers say that they are not disappointed by the general feedback, absorption and skin feel after use, and there are some highlights that other similar products do not have:For example, absorption is very fast, saving the time of each step.The elegant, unspiced fruit makes consumers love it and feel happy.With the continuous importation of cosmetics into China, more and more brands from countries and regions, through China’s new “animal testing free” policy to enter the Chinese market.Despite the rapid growth of Japanese cosmetics brands in China, they also need to do more homework to cope with possible challenges.Especially for The Japanese Marcellin MAXSLIM brand, which just entered the Chinese market, it is more necessary to find the right direction, make more Chinese people like to enter the market, with different effects and selling points to attract different groups of people, to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.”Maxslim” relies on its “safe” and “effective” brand concept to impress consumers, using sophisticated technology and rich industry experience to empower the skin care main line “Corbel
Q-belle “, with quality and sincerity to win over young Chinese consumers.Under the continuous growth of the registration of imported cosmetics, imported brands should not only pay attention to product quality and brand service, but also comply with the changes of the Chinese market, follow the principle of compliance operation, and deeply cultivate the Chinese market, so as to seize more market share and achieve long-term and stable development.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.