I need real-time, compliance and employee experience. How can I easily solve the complicated attendance problem?

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In the workplace, attendance is often considered a small thing, but in fact it can have a huge impact.Not only does it support payroll calculations, but it also has a big impact on actual operations, which can be seen from two key indicators: employee engagement.Employees with frequent unexcused absences were 37% less engaged.Operational efficiency.If a team’s key employee is absent, overall operational efficiency drops by 20 percent.Therefore, we need to pay attention to the influence of attendance.However, in the daily attendance process, we often encounter the following questions: Are employees on time?Is vacation reasonable and accurate?Is overtime over the limit?What about temporary secondments?.Don’t worry, gaia real-time attendance cloud can help you easily solve complex attendance problems.Are employees on time?The automobile manufacturing industry is an assembly line model, and each station should maintain a reasonable and even rhythm with the upstream and downstream. If there is a shortage of personnel at a certain position, especially in key positions, the whole line will stall.The traditional attendance method often has a lag, which has a great impact on production efficiency, and the overall operation efficiency will decrease by 20%.Gaia supports bluetooth, GPS and other kinds of clock, clock comparison and automatic calibration, real-time generation of anomalies and reminders.Employees can take the initiative to deal with attendance abnormalities in a timely manner, and the supervisor can be informed of the attendance status of employees on that day in the first time.If employees need to ask for leave, they can change shifts by themselves. They only need to fill in the application form, and the shift will be automatically changed after approval by the supervisor. It can be easily managed anytime and anywhere, and improve the communication efficiency of the enterprise and employee satisfaction.Is vacation reasonable and accurate?In addition to rest days, legal holidays, annual leave, family leave, marriage and funeral leave, the rules of childcare leave, paternity leave, nursing leave, 2.5 days flexible leave and other leave are very complicated, and it is easy for employees to apply for the use of leave, and it will cause compliance risks if they are not careful.As a Chinese manufacturer capable of providing global workforce management software cloud services, Gaia works is very familiar with various holiday management methods and practices of Chinese enterprises.In the past 10 years, build elegant works continuously iterative lean, the enterprise provides a complete and efficient for the customer leave management suite, standard of annual leave, annual leave, sick leave release rules, and more areas, breast-feeding leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, paternity leave new can be according to the region, such as parental leave policy support, help customers to do automatic calculation, automatic release during the holidays, automatic clearing.Is overtime over the limit?In recent years, with the rapid development of the science and technology industry and the continuous increase of orders in high-tech manufacturing factories, it is common for employees to work too much overtime, and there are many scenes of fixed 12-hour shifts in enterprises.In addition, a large number of overtime applications make it difficult for attendance staff to reasonably control the number of overtime hours.Compliance is the bottom line for all businesses.At present, the compliance of many enterprises may be after the event. Gaia can help enterprises to avoid these risks in advance and control overtime through the whole process of pre-event, in-process and post-event.There is a world-renowned photovoltaic enterprise with tens of thousands of employees. Through overtime comparison, overtime limit exceeding reminder, overtime process control and other methods, the whole process of overtime control has reduced overtime costs by 9% annually.What about temporary secondments?There are two different stores under the same well-known tea brand. One store is for community residents, and the peak customer flow is in the morning and evening on weekdays and on weekends.The other is the office business district store, the passenger flow is mainly concentrated in the daytime on weekdays.The two stores are not far away from each other, so there are not enough people in the stores at peak times.But during the low times, the shop assistants are idle.How to make full use of manpower?Use Gaia system to estimate turnover and passenger flow in the coming week, and calculate manpower requirements.If they find that their own staff is not enough, they can apply for support from the stores with surplus staff at that time. The employees can enter the stores in need of support through the approval process of support and conduct attendance management in the stores.After the end of the support, the hours and costs of the two support staff are automatically divided between the two stores, and the data is shared between the two stores.Using this program, without adding new people, with the help of stock resources, can greatly improve the operation efficiency!To sum up, Gaia real-time automatic attendance management can easily deal with complex attendance problems, real-time calculation of accurate working hours, comprehensive control of overtime, meet the needs of group multi-business enterprises, cost reduction and efficiency increase.