Chengde library | “elegant, network reading see beautiful” digital reading promotion activities invites you to participate in Spring Festival!

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This is a digital cultural feast combining online and offline activities.Here you can customize your own poster as a New Year gift to friends and relatives. You can also go to the library to experience the atmosphere of scanning code reading.In short, no matter where you are, just a mobile phone “scan”, you can enjoy boutique resource services anytime and anywhere.Let high-quality literature, youth resources, model spirit and other themes of high-quality resources to accompany you, a different academic year.Come and enjoy the endless fun of digital reading!Tap your mobile phone, you can enjoy more rich reading resources, this Spring Festival, the comprehensive upgrade of the “Network book flavor, read and see good” small program, to accompany you to spend the festival.Here you can enjoy the high-quality theme resources, experience check-in, like, share and other interactions, participate in the online punch reading challenge, get exquisite electronic medal award!More integral gift waiting for you to take!To, in advance to reveal the plot: “Zhu Tuo Jun car painting stone” cultural creation gift box National Library × Douban Linquan flowers reading incense “Mustard Garden painting biography” flowers pick up the fun painting group fan “Celebrate to upgrade” × my emperor million sleep mouse pad food to run series of quicksand cup pad food to run series of key chain friends, don’t miss it!Participate in the activity from now on – February 28 participation mode long press to identify the small program code immediately enter the “network book read beautiful” small program to participate in the activity!Pick up the phone, collect small program code exciting activities waiting for you to participate in oh!In the year of the tiger, I wish you can “heart tiger, fine smell rose” let digital reading become a habit let us read more beautiful in life we will be there or square!Chengde Culture Tour is an open platform, no matter you are chengde aborigines or foreign tourists, you can share your memories of life, culture and travel in Chengde with everyone.We are looking forward to sharing the wonderful time in Chengde with you!Email: