Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi streets to carry out Lantern Festival series of activities

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to further promote the inheritance and development of excellent Traditional Chinese culture and create a good cultural atmosphere for the Lantern Festival, the streets of Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang city actively organized various communities to carry out a series of themed activities of “Our Festival – Lantern Festival”.Make Lantern Festival, guess riddles, lanterns, so that the atmosphere of the activity scene is happy, filled with festive atmosphere, create a warm and harmonious atmosphere, enhance the area of the people’s sense of happiness and gain.Yuan East street on February 14, ziyufu community joint property held a “happy will, happy Lantern Festival” activity, prepared more than 50 riddles, to attract community residents to the scene to solve puzzles, share the happiness of the festival.In addition, the staff cooked yuanxiao on site for everyone to taste, creating a warm and happy community atmosphere.On February 14th, the community of the east of the fourth middle road jointly launched “colorful lanterns to help the Winter Olympics celebrate the Lantern Festival”, organizing residents to make exquisite lanterns to create a strong festive atmosphere.At the same time, the activity site, but also high up the Olympic lantern riddles, we are in a strong interest, looking at the riddles, concentrating on thinking, expressing their opinions, the atmosphere is warm, laughter.Friendship street 54 community to carry out “guess lantern riddles, lanterns, peace and joy make Lantern Festival” activities.Hundreds of lantern riddles set knowledge and fun in one, guessing residents actively participated in a hot scene of the Lantern Festival.At the same time, organized community children to carry out “small hands make lanterns, happy to welcome the Lantern Festival” lantern making activities.The red, festive and childlike lanterns are assembled in pairs of small hands, so that children can experience and feel the cultural charm of traditional festivals and feel the different Lantern Festival.Source: Qiaoxi shijiazhuang on wechat