Heavyweight fight appearance fee exposed!The challenger could make $73 million, tyson Foley four times that

2022-05-05 0 By

Frank Warren, co-promoter of defending champion Tyson Furie, has won the right to bid $41 million for the WBC World Heavyweight Title fight scheduled for April 23 in The UK, according to Sean Nam, a boxing columnist.Furie outpaid challenger White 8-2.It was expected that Furie would get 80 percent of the $41 million, while White would get 20 percent. Instead, the competition contract stipulates that 90 percent of the total bid would be split 8-2 between the two teams, with the other 10 percent going to the winner.That’s $29.54 million for Furie, $7.38 million for White, and an additional $4.1 million for White if he wins, bringing his total earnings to about $11.5 million.What’s 73 million?The commercial value of MMA is much lower than that of professional boxing, and it is even worse than that of professional boxing. The appearance fee of the prospective first-tier fighters in domestic first-tier kickboxing events is only five digits lower.Only a few boxers, such as Yi Long, Qiu Jianliang and Convenient, can get hundreds of thousands of appearance fees, while most of the other boxers get a few thousand or even hundreds of appearance fees. To say the least, this money is not enough to see a doctor after the fight.Although the domestic competition side often used to “ten million level to hold the competition” as a gimmick to attract business, in fact, the cost of holding a competition is not that much, they are all pompous and boast.Of course, although the commercial value of mMA is not high, the accumulated cost of the whole year is not a small amount, such as company operation, staff expenses, promotional packaging and other expenses, are not small.After several years of burning money and increasing social pressure caused by the epidemic, all sports parties are now closing their doors and tightening their belts, leaving even the loss-making events behind.Compared with the highly developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the free fighters in Our country should reflect on what is the meaning of your expensive free boxing matches?Is it possible to entertain yourself in a small circle and take it to the world?Cultural barriers are hard to change, and it is impossible to change the fact that kickboxing is a third-tier sport if a sport that is not recognized by developed countries is held behind closed doors in China.