Ten monster Kings without background in Journey to the West

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There is such a sentence about journey to the West – those with background were picked up, those without background were killed.This is a common phenomenon, but not absolute.Today I will tell you about the ten monster Kings without background in the original work.Eight – ten open cold, open heat, open dust qinglongshan three rhinoceros spirit, perennial posing as Buddha, swindling people to eat sesame oil, but in line with the “take people’s money, for people to eliminate disaster” belief, three fairies or pretty work, to ensure a party good weather.The three demons originally inadvertently eat Tang Seng, tang Seng did not distinguish good and evil, inclined to worship The Buddha, the results were taken by the three demons, when the three demons learned that the mistakenly captured is Tang Seng, tang Seng can not stand the “temptation” of flesh, thus for the tragic outcome of the foiled.The three demon fighting skill is extremely high, also have some magic skill, Sun Wukong by oneself force is enemy but, and the two younger brother is “war five slag”, so alone by their brothers three can not contend with the three demon.However, three rhinoceros fine by four Jupiter jun tianke, so in four Jupiter jun when he came down to help the instant “withering”, scattered, dare not fight with one, so that a well wood he gnawed death, two killed after the skin do armour, meat, gift horn, no waste.Seven eyes strange many eyes strange body is centipede essence, is seven spider essence of the elder brother, was originally seven spider essence to find help, the result of this selfish ghost for tang’s monk meat no matter spider essence of life, resulting in spider essence body dead, simply wicked with smoke.Centipede jing’s fighting ability is general, can not stop Wukong 30 or 50, but he has special skills, so that Wukong defeated.Later is the mother of pleiadian star officer out of the horse, with pleiadian star officer in the eyes of the embroidery needle easy to kill it.The yellow Wind Monster is a yellow sable, a very low and common species, but his “samadhi Kamikaze” is really too strong, sun Wukong met the first with their own strength can not resist the opponent, but also, if there is lingji Bodhisattva’s “fixed wind pearl”, the yellow wind monster kamikaze is useless.The reason for ranking in many eyes on the monster, because on martial arts, yellow wind monster is far stronger than many eyes monster.Five scorpion essence strength and work the same terror of the “demon”, tail hook stinging pain such as to wukong, let Guanyin claimed not close.Wu Dou alone fight wukong, eight quit two undefeated, is the book can “fight” one of the monsters.So hang fried the big demon, it seems that no one can stop, so the author arranged for her “one thing, one thing, water point tofu”, twenty-eight stars in the Pleiades star officer with species day ke, just hit a few cry, scorpion essence frightened excessive and died.In fact, from the scorpion to the monster with multiple eyes, in a one-to-one situation, with special powers can suppress Sun Wukong, should be ranked in the top, but considering that there are restrained factors in, so it is behind.A pious but not six clean fun demon, some silly, also a little greedy.Martial arts skill is quite good, can once and Sun Wukong hit have to have back, if not a bit of skill, as the goblin without background is also difficult to enter the law eye of Guanyin, finally became guanyin shou Mountain god.One of the few goblins who also have no background but survive. Cunning and powerful.In the clear know sun Wukong magic power high strong circumstances, still chose in the head of too old earth, hit but hide in the water not to go out, martial arts skill is not common, show the body after the strength is stronger.Finally, under the siege of wukong brothers, Erlang God and the six sages of Meishan, one of them was bitten by a dog.It has been elevated to a transcendent status on the Internet, and it’s nonsense about the primordial behemoth.The ox demon king is very powerful in the mountain, belonging to the old big demon, and is the first of the seven sages in The Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. His martial skill is as good as Wukong, and he is also proficient in 72 changes. When Sun Wukong runs amuck in the demon world, he can keep abreast with him.In addition, the demon king is the only book with the demon, his wife Luo Brake female fairy, son red boy master of fire control.Cow demon king looks rough, the actual idea is careful, ever changed into pig eight quit appearance, cheated Sun Wukong already hand palm banana fan.Finally, under the joint efforts of the Wukong brothers, Li Jing and his son, nezha reveals his true form.Objectively speaking, Sun Wukong’s practice ability is not higher than that of the bull Demon King, and he has the ability of the bull Demon King. At the same time, it is reasonable to infer that the bull Demon King’s practice time is much longer than that of Sun Wukong.However, Sun Wukong has a with the same level of opponent without the place of superiority, that is, at the beginning because of stealing to eat the elixir of the old gentleman, and the sanmei fire refining in the body, so that their invulnerability.Many people think that the wu is empty in the scriptures who also dozen however, speak also logically that actually seen the original know, sun wukong defeat or other special achievement method, or have great magic weapon, the warfare, sun wukong didn’t lost even if not win, big heaven at the same time, the wu is empty belong to siege to a party, and all by your heart.When it comes to sutras, the position is switched, which is tantamount to increasing the difficulty, coupled with tang’s monk this drag bottle and eight quit this trouble, so the surface seems to be the strength of the Monkey hit a discount.In fact, Sun Wukong has always been the same sun Wukong, and with the increase of experience, the late strength is only higher than the chaos in heaven.Finally, it is necessary to explain that all the above content is based on the original “Journey to the West” and does not include the setting of modern web articles, so there is no such thing as the nine-headed worm is a primordial alien species, the bull Demon king is a saint riding, sun Wukong is a Goddess patching the sky stone.