An Yixuan husband Chen Ronglian arrested screen exposure!Hooded and handcuffed

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On The morning of January 30, Macao police held a press conference to release the details and scene footage of the arrest of Chen Ronglian, the husband of actress An Yixuan and the head of the Macao Dejin Group. Chen Ronglian looked solemn and wore a black headband.Macao police said at a press conference that in the investigation of The James Chau case, another criminal group was found to be involved in illegal gambling and money laundering. Two Macao men were arrested and transferred to the Procuratorate for investigation.The two men, surnamed Chen, 49, and CAI, 34, who were charged with controlling and assisting the syndicate, were arrested at a Hotel in The New Port district on January 28.Police searched their homes and offices and seized evidence including computers and about HK $4.1 million in cash.The two men had refused to cooperate and answer police questions.The police transferred the suspect to the procuratorate for “illegal gambling” and “money laundering”.To this, An yixuan agent said, “entertainer private matters do not respond.”There was no response from Mr. An.(Editing by Zhan Yujing)