Xing Fei responded to his always play small sweet drama

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, xing Fei, an actress who has a career in small sweet dramas, responded to netizens’ doubts that she always acts in small sweet dramas during a live broadcast.That sweet drama can let everyone see themselves, do not want to appear at the beginning of the career gap period to consume their energy.After seeing Xing Fei’s speech, I really have to sigh with emotion, Xing Fei is really very clear to their own cognition, the world is sober.When you don’t have a lot of options, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a pet show.You can play the sweet pet role at the same time, slowly contact other roles, rural themes, military themes are no problem.Xing Fei also said that they need to pick up sweet pet drama to complete this stage, to ensure that they do not consume, and then slowly try to transition.For the role after the transition, Xing Fei also has a good planning of her own acting career, know what they want.Said rural subject matter, military subject matter are no problem, but rich second generation and carrying the beauty is not good, somebody else actors so planning, the net friends need not worry about her blind.Xing Fei this sober speech, let the net friends to her good impression and upgrade a grade.After all, who doesn’t love a sober, serious actress?Every step of the way to have a plan, according to the plan to be steadfast, do not dream of one step to the sky, bless Xing Fei as soon as possible to receive the role you want.