Comments | “Only This Green” has achieved an “artistic synaesthesia”

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Traditional culture is an “endless collection”, and how to turn the ancient lantern scrolls into colorful streamers in line with the contemporary technological level is also a topic left to us by history.The year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala dance poetry drama “only this green” brush screen!When the dancer of blue yi gao bun dances lightly, slowly and go, that collect inside, long classical lasting appeal makes a person mind ripples really.As soon as the show was over, The Only One Green jumped onto social media platforms and was enthusiastically embraced by viewers.”Only This Green” consists of seven chapters: “scroll, ask seal script, sing silk, look for stone, brush, quench ink, painting”. It tells the story of a young researcher from the Palace Museum who “traverses” back to the Northern Song Dynasty and “sees” the story of a Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains created by Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, from the perspective of “scroll man”.What we saw on the gala stage was just one part of it, but it was quite amazing.Before this, “only this green” boarded the New Year’s eve party of B station, then broke the circle.”Only this green” is popular, the important reason is to “A Thousand miles of Rivers and Mountains” for the restoration of artistic conception.In fact, the famous painting “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains” has provided quite mature art mother, its exquisite color, composition of the majestic, rich implication, itself is a great aesthetic enjoyment.”Only This Green” almost reproduces the artistic conception of the picture, and this respect for traditional culture has also been rewarded: the dance drama naturally shares the aesthetic level of the picture.Of course, “only this green” also did innovation, in the details of the next foot effort.For example, dance movements and actors’ expressions greatly diluted the mood, but the eastern style of introverted and gentle;The soaring updo and blue-and-green dress, as well as the symbolic expression of mountains, are striking.The creative team is also very dedicated. It is reported that from the premiere to the tour, the creative team has been collecting audience feedback, revising and adjusting, “there is no final version, only the best version”.A hint of this meticulousness can be seen in the suffocating yet immaculate performance on stage.In the author’s opinion, the most valuable thing of “Only This Green” is that it inherits the traditional spirit of “artistic synaesthesia”.There are many kinds of art, but Chinese culture has always emphasized to reconcile the physical differences among the arts and achieve the mastery of the core spirit.For example, the legend of the tang dynasty wu daoxuan painting and PeiMin sword dance has inspired each other, du fu wrote a poem “” dance” view aunt sun disciple sword “, said Zhang Yanyuan “painting and calligraphy are”, su shi said that “all” of poetry, these are the ancient way of a kind of artistic ideal, different art have homologous synaesthesia art expression.Therefore, the creative team of “Only This Green” said that “we have seen almost all the poems and paintings of the Song Dynasty”, which is both valuable and necessary.Due to the limitations of The Times, most of the traditional culture left today is static visual art, and we can’t see ancient images or hear ancient audio.The creative transformation of traditional culture precisely depends on our understanding of the spirit of traditional culture, and the inclusion of this aesthetic style and cultural interest into contemporary art categories, so as to transform the static into motion, and transform the visual perception into physical and mental sinking.”Only This Green” has successfully realized this artistic transformation. Poetic drama and painting are essentially different art categories, but they have realized the connection of qi.In fact, in recent years, there are a lot of traditional cultural performances, these immersive “crossing” is always very exciting.The magnificent traditional culture is an “endless collection”, which has left inexhaustible artistic materials. How to turn the blue lantern scrolls into colorful streamers in line with the contemporary technological level is also a topic left to us by history.Works like “The Only Green” set an excellent example in this regard, and we expect more of them to follow.Red Star news special commentator Yi Zhi editor Guan Li Red Star comment submission email: (download Red Star news, report awards!)