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On the afternoon of February 4, 2022, in the mountains business bureau joint in south street, south street to home are great hail, rt-mart south Lebanon, store company jia hui supermarket can store and supermarket company jia hui xiangsheli flower shop, eagle mountain vegetable market, sea GongYi optimal supermarkets and other places of key areas of commercial normalized epidemic prevention and control work to carry out the situation has carried on the inspection,The focus of the inspection was on whether staff and customers wear masks in a proper manner, whether they take measures such as temperature scanning and ventilation.Inspection found that Qian Jiahui Supermarket Can lun store did not timely and effectively remind customers to scan the code to measure the temperature, wear masks, some staff did not wear masks;Qian Jiahui Supermarket Xiangshe Huadu Store entrance is not on duty, not timely and effective remind customers scan code temperature measurement, wear masks, for the elderly who do not use or do not know how to operate smart phones and other groups did not register in time, disinfection records are not standard;There are no special personnel on duty at the east and west entrances of Yingshan Wet Market, some customers and merchants do not wear masks, and elderly people who do not use or cannot operate smart phones do not register in time.Haigong Yiyou Supermarket has no designated person on duty at the entrance. For the elderly who do not use or do not know how to operate smart phones, they do not register in time, and the disinfection records are not standardized.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal government and the district government, the Epidemic prevention and control Office of Xiangshan District issued a notice to the four units that failed to implement the epidemic prevention and control work, ordered them to suspend business for rectification, urged them to strictly implement the relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements of the municipal and district headquarters, and allowed them to operate only after passing the review by the relevant departments.Is still high, given the current international outbreak epidemic prevention and control situation is still complicated and severe domestic holiday shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets continue to passenger flow peak, each key business enterprise should pay great attention to the recent business circulation field epidemic prevention and control work, deeply understand the complexity and difficulty of epidemic prevention and control work, and improve the political stance,Conscientiously implement the central, provincial, city, district epidemic prevention and control work conference spirit, determined to overcome the paralysis of thought, the gung-ho, fluky psychology, slacken mentality, time tight epidemic prevention and control this string, strictly implement the temperature sweep yards, wearing a mask and ventilation control measures “including disinfection, current limiting, one-meter line, to ensure the normal trade fields fully carrying out the epidemic prevention and control work,Strict prevention and control measures will be maintained.Xiangshan District Bureau of Commerce will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, consolidate responsibilities of all parties, strictly prevent the outbreak of the epidemic, and consolidate the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control.Source: Huaibei Business