Drop water cave to enjoy the snow to explore the secrets of you

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With the cold air coming, shaoshan has a significant drop in temperature, February 7, light snow.Dropping Water Cave, about 4 kilometers away from chairman MAO’s former residence, also welcomed many tourists who came to enjoy the snow.Chairman MAO had secretly returned to Shaoshan in 1966, is to live in Dripping cave.In the autumn of 1986, Dripping Cave was opened to the public with the approval of hunan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government.At present, there are three core parts: the villa series centered on the No.1 building;In the west are the landscape series of MAO Zedong’s ancestral tomb, tiger carving, tiger pavilion and dripping water.East to MAO Zedong’s great grandparents grave, Longquan triple, Ben Longquan pool, Guanyin overlooking the main longtou Mountain landscape series.In September 2017, shaoshan Administration Bureau, the scenic area management party, completed the environmental renovation of The scenic spot and built a new tourist service center. The appearance of the entrance of the scenic spot after quality improvement has taken on a new look, which greatly facilitates tourists and improves the quality of the scenic spot.The dripping hole in the snow is like a pair of ink landscape painting, which makes people sigh as if made of extraordinary workmanship by nature.You can also appreciate the feeling of Han Yu’s “Spring Snow” as you stroll through Shuishudong in early spring: “The New Year is not full of youth, and the buds of grass are surprised at the beginning of February.Snow is too late spring, so wear court trees for flying flowers.”Snow was too late for spring, so it turned into flowers to fly among the trees in the courtyard.Although the temperature in the drop hole is low, it can not resist the enthusiasm of visitors.Tourists can be seen taking photos of themselves immersed in the beautiful scenery and braving the cold to touch them.Walk through building 1, along the stairs of building 2, then began to climb the mountain.On the “big stone drum” in Huxiping lies MAO Yichen, Chairman MAO’s great-grandfather, who often came here to pay homage to him when he was a boy.When many tourists climb the mountain along the path to enjoy the scenery, they also do not forget to place a bunch of flowers in front of the tomb, bow to worship.In order to cope with the snow and ice weather, The Drop Hole scenic spot has placed warm warning signs in prominent positions to remind tourists to be careful to slide, pay attention to safety when viewing the scenery.The world shaoshan network is also in this warm reminder, the current temperature of The Drop hole scenic spot is low, tourists please prepare warm clothes when visiting, pay more attention to the foot when walking, to avoid slipping.”Lingxiu Shaoshan Chong, mysterious dripping cave”.Since its opening to the public in the autumn of 1986, Dripping Cave has received numerous tourists from home and abroad.As a famous national 5A tourist scenic spot, Dripping hole natural scenery and cultural scenery each other, become a number of tourists to Shao card.>> Return to xiangtan online home page